Borderlands 3 Creature Feature Locations - Film Reels

Creature Feature is a crew challenge in Borderlands 3. It was added in the Bounty of Blood DLC, and it requires you to collect lost film reels for Katsuhiro Jones, the owner of Vestige’s movie theater. When you collect them all, you’ll be able to piece together a film. If you’re having trouble finding them, and you just might, this guide will show you all Borderlands 3 Creature Feature film reel locations.

borderlands 3 creature feature locations film reels
Borderlands 3 Creature Feature Locations – Film Reels

Vestige film reel location

There’s only one film reel for the Creature Feature challenge in Vestige. You’ll find it in the basement of one of the buildings on the north side of town. It’s the second one from the east, and the entrance to the basement is on the side of the building. Once you’re down there, look to the left and you’ll find the reel on the table with the miniature set.

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There are at least four more maps in the Bounty of Blood DLC, and we’re going to keep playing. We’ll update this guide as soon as we find other film reels, so check back often. If you know of some we’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment and let us know. We don’t know exactly what will happen once we’ve found all of them. Hopefully we’ll get a private screening of Katsuhiro Jones’ lost cinematic masterpiece, and maybe even some fancy gear to go with it. Maybe it’ll just be something lame, like the everlasting gratitude of the citizens of this desolate place.

In the meantime, you can kill time by looking for some of the new legendaries. We’ve written about the two dozen or so of the ones we’ve heard of, as well as where to go looking for them, in our Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood legendary weapons guide.

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