Borderlands 3 Golden Touch Shield - Golden Calves Poster & Statue Locations

Golden Touch is a unique weapon in Borderlands 3. It’s a melee shield that you’ll get as a reward for completing the Golden Calves side mission. It’s a relatively long quest, but it’s not too difficult. You will have to find some posters and statues – they’ll be marked on your map, but might be too tiny to notice if you don’t pay attention. This guide is going to show you how to get Borderlands 3 Golden Touch shield, how to complete the quest and where to find the posters and statues.

borderlands 3 golden touch golden calves poster statue locations
Borderlands 3 Golden Touch Shield – Golden Calves Poster & Statue Locations

How to start Golden Calves mission?

You can start the mission at level 8. Go to the camp in the Draughts, up the stairs and into the building. Look at the desk across the room from the quick-change station. Interact with the COV statue and listen to the transmission from Vaugh.

Front, profile, intimate view poster locations

The posters are all in Ascension Bluff. To travel there, follow the marker across the map. All of the posters are the Holy Broadcast Center. The markers will lead you to them. The profile view poster in on a shack wall near a metal machine with a big green light. The intimate view poster is next to a big blue HBC poster under an eave, next to some crates. The front view poster is on a building which has a big, brown pipe going into it.

Where to find COV statues?

Once you’ve dealt with the wanted posters and found the scanner, you’ll have to find three COV statues and replace them with Vaughn’s own. Thankfully, there’s seven or eight of them in the vicinity, so finding three shouldn’t be an issue. Simply approach them and interact – your character will smash them, then replace them with little golden Vaughns.


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