Borderlands 3 How to Recover Lost Loot

Recovering lost loot is a feature of Borderlands 3. It’s a super-helpful mechanic that allows you to get weapons that you can’t put in your inventory during a mission. It is performed using a lost loot machine. If you’re wondering how this vendor works and where to find it, keep reading our guide on how to recover lost loot in Borderlands 3.

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borderlands 3 how to recover lost loot
Borderlands 3 How to Recover Lost Loot

Where to find lost loot machine?

The lost loot machine first appears on the Sanctuary space ship. This means you’ll have to beat the whole of Pandora before you can access it. In all fairness, you won’t need it before then – the way it works prevents it from hoovering up low level items.

How does the lost loot machine work?

This isn’t like the postmaster in that other looter shooter. It won’t just indiscriminately pick stuff up for you. It’s actually like an extension of your inventory. In order for things to show up in the lost loot machine, you’ll have to try to pick them up while your inventory’s full. Also, it only accepts items with a rarity of Rare (blue) or higher.

Anything that’s green or gray, or hasn’t been specifically pointed out by you as a thing worth picking up, is going to be treated as junk. It’ll just disappear once the mission is over. So make sure you interact with everything that drops, or you’ll risk loosing some nice items in the process.

Basically, you’ll have to keep playing the game like you did the earlier ones – this is just an expansion of your inventory (which works in tandem with actually inventory expansions), but only for potentially exceptional items. It’s a far cry from Destiny’s postmaster, and it makes us wonder why they didn’t just give you unlimited inventory space instead.

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