Borderlands 3 Trap Door in Dump on Dumptruck Mission - How to Open

Dump on Dumptruck is a side mission in Borderlands 3. It involves finding and killing a specific boss, called The Holy Dumptruck. In order to complete the mission, you’ll have to open a trap door, which is locked. The cable that’s supposed to send the order to open it is broken, and a number of players have no idea how to get around this. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to open trap door in Dump on Dumptruck in Borderlands 3, so you can get the Buttplug.

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borderlands 3 how to open trap door dump on dumptruck mission
Borderlands 3 Trap Door in Dump on Dumptruck Mission – How to Open

How to open trap door?

After you’ve defeated the boss, you’ll have to open a trap door in order to escape. If you go back to the arena where you fought the Holy Dumptruck, you’ll see a broken yellow wire. This is the cable that’s supposed to send the signal that opens the door. Look up, to the roof above the corridor leading into the arena. You’ll see two targets. Shooting the one on the right will open up a valve and let some water onto the cable. Shooting the one on the left will start the generator. The water will allow the electricity to pass through the broken cable and to door, letting you leave the place.

How to get the Buttplug?

The Buttplug is a unique melee weapon, a pistol with a knife attached to it. The knife is the important part here – it does a lot of melee damage, and even doubles it when you attack from behind. In order to get it, you’ll have to complete the optional objective that requires you to shoot the Holy Dumptruck in the ass.

Since the boss has a shield and he rotates around to face you, you’ll have to wait for him to taunt you. When he does, he’ll expose his butt, so you can shoot it. Just make sure you don’t kill him before you’ve done this, or you’ll be missing out on a neat weapon.

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