Borderlands 3 How to Get to Circle of Slaughter

Circle of Slaughter is a game mode in Borderlands 3. It’s a way to earn loot, experience and money outside of the game’s story and side missions. This co-op activity is designed for four players, and you won’t be able to start it with less. A number of players can’t seem to start the mode, which is why we’ve decided to write a guide on how to get to Circle of Slaughter in Borderlands 3. We’ll also help you solve or get around some of the most common bugs in CoS.

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borderlands 3 how to get to circle of slaughter
Borderlands 3 How to Get To Circle of Slaughter

How to start Circle of Slaughter

In order to start this mode, you’ll have to open up the menu, go to the Social tab, choose Matchmaking, then scroll until you’ve found Circle of Slaughter. It can be done both from the main menu and from within the game.

Stuck in queue for Circle of Slaughter or Proving Grounds

There have been reports of people getting stuck in queue for CoS or PG, searching for other players. This most often happens if you try to access matchmaking from the in-game menu. Approaching from the main menu seems to fix the issue, so try that.

Enemy stuck in the ground or outside the map

Several players have reported enemies getting stuck in the ground, or teleporting out of bounds. Even if they can chip away their health using explosive damage, the mobs won’t die. We don’t know of a solution to this one – if you experience it, we suggest you lay off the Circle of Slaughter until the developers release a patch that fixes it.

Circle of Slaughter Locations

Circle of Slaughter locations show up as entrances to new zones entirely.

1. The Slaughter Shaft can be found on planet Pandora in Konrad’s Hold zone.
2. Cistern of Slaughter is on the planet Promethea in Meridian Metroplex zone.

We would like to thank Conkerkid11 for all the screenshots and info.

We’re going to keep monitoring the situation, and if any more bugs or solutions pop up, we’re going to write about them. Stay tuned, and feel free to let us know if you’ve encountered some other problem with this mode.

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