Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds Locations - How to Enter

Proving Grounds is a new game mode in Borderlands 3. It’s a gauntlet that you have to complete in a limited amount of time. You can access them through the main menu (Social->Matchmaking->Provind Grounds), but since matchmaking is wonky at the moment, a lot of people are wondering whether there’s another way to unlock these new arenas. The good news is that there is, in fact, a way to unlock them on your own. The bad news is – it’s a lot of work. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to unlock Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3.

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borderlands 3 proving grounds how to unlock
Borderlands 3 Proving Grounds Locations – How to Enter

How to unlock Proving Grounds?

Again, if you just go to the main menu and open up the Social category, you’ll find the Matchmaking tab inside. Go there and it’ll allow you to find a crew for a bout of Proving Grounds without having to unlock it. However, a lot of people, especially on PS4, are having terrible problems with the online component. So here’s how to unlock them manually, or how the game intended you to go about it.

First of all, you’ll have to reach almost as far as the end of the main story. You’ll need an item called the Eridian Analyzer, which is used to decipher Eridian Writings. Once you have it, you’ll have to revisit all the areas you’ve already been to, reading the text off all the Eridian stone slabs.

Once you’ve cleared an entire planet, learning all that ancient Eridian knowledge, you’ll need to visit a special location where you start that planet’s Provind Grounds quest. Each of them juist tells you to go to Sanctuary and talk to Tannis. Afterwards, you’ll have access to the new arena.

Pandora Proving Grounds locations – Splinterlands

Proving Grounds locations show up as quests on the map once the main story has been completed. 1. The Trial of Survival (Gradient of Dawn) can be found on planet Pandora in Devil’s Razor zone.
2. The Trial of Cunning (Ghostlight Beacon) is also a quest on planet Pandora but in the The Splinterlands zone.
3. The Trial of Discipline (Precipice Anchor) can be found on planet Promethea in Meridian Outskirts zone.
4. The Trial of Supremacy (The Hall of Obsidian) is on the planet Nekrotafeyo in Desolation’s Edge.
5. The Trial of Instinct (Wayward Tether) is on planet Eden-6 in Floodmoor Basin zone.
6. The Trial of Fervor (The Skydrowned Pulpit) can be found on the same planet Eden-6 in Jakobs Estate.

Thanks to Conkerkid11 for the info and screenshots.

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