Borderlands 3 Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items - Where to Find

Preorder bonuses and deluxe edition bonuses in Borderlands 3 are cosmetic and other items that you can get if you’ve preordered the game, and / or have purchased one of the special editions of the game. Now, the matter that is causing some trouble for players is how to get the deluxe edition skins and items and preorder skins in Borderlands 3 and whatnot. To help you out, here’s our Borderlands 3 Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items – Where to Find guide.

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Borderlands 3 Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items - Where to Find
Borderlands 3 Preorder Bonus & Deluxe Edition Items – Where to Find

Where to Find Preorder & Deluxe Edition Bonuses in Borderlands 3?

To find your preorder rewards and special edition bonuses in Borderlands 3, once you’re in the game proper, pause it. Then, go into the Social tab. Then, scroll to the Mail bar, marked with the letter icon. You’ll have to use R1 and L1 on consoles. Under the Mail tab, you’ll find all the rewards that your edition of the game contains. All you have to do is click or press Accept for each of them. To equip a skin, go into your Inventory and select the gun you want. Press Inspect, and then whatever button prompt is for changing skins on your platform.

To change your character’s skin or outfit, you’ll have to find a quick-change station. They’re pretty easy to find, and you’re even forced to interact with one during the tutorial.

borderlands 3 how to change outfits

In case you need a refresher, the Borderlands 3 preorder bonuses for all versions is the Golden Weapon skin pack. The deluxe edition also comes with the Retro Cosmetic pack, Gearbox Cosmetic pack, and Toy Box Weapon pack, along with XP and Loot Drop Boost mods. As for the Super Deluxe Edition, it also contains the Season Pass, which has no bearing on what we’re talking about in this article. Same goes for the Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition, where the physical items are the main draw.

And that’s all there is to it. If you’re having trouble with something else in the game, check out some of our other Borderlands 3 guides. For now, we’ve got Increase Inventory Size – How to Get More Space, Best Solo Builds – Zane, FL4K, Amara, Moze, and Shift Codes & VIP Codes. There’ll be more guides coming, so stay tuned.

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