Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunt Locations

Legendary hunts are repeatable mini-missions in Borderlands 3. They’re part of the crew challenges. They’re given out by Sir Hammerlock, the resident big game hunter. In order to complete one, you’ll have to go to a specific location and hunt a particular creature. It’s usually accompanied by a bunch of smaller helpers, or has a unique way of fighting. Each one will drop an interesting weapon, and some even have a chance of providing you with legendary weapons. If you’re wondering where to find them, our Borderlands 3 legendary hunt locations guide will show you exactly that.

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borderlands 3 legendary hunt locations
Borderlands 3 Legendary Hunt Locations

Droughts legendary hunt locations

Hammerlock will ask you to slay a Lavender Crawly in this part of Pandora. It’s a giant bug that splits into two when you do enough damage, so make sure you have some means of crows control for this fight. It’ll keep dividing until you kill the whole family. It can drop the Bankrolled Predatory Lending legendary weapon. If we’re being honest, this is a gag weapon, so don’t force yourself through farming for it if you don’t feel like it. You’ll find the bugs in the southwestern corner of the map, in the area with lots of puddles.

Ascension Bluff legendary hunt locations map

In this area, Hammerlock will want you to hunt down a level 9 Skrakk. It’s a nasty flying creature that has a bunch of Skags supporting it from the ground. It flies around in patterns, which makes it a bit easier to hit. It has a chance of dropping the SkekSil legendary weapon, so it’s worth repeating the fight. You’ll find it in the western part of the area, in a small appendix-like arena along the southern side.

Athenas legendary hunts

When you get to Athenas, Hammerlock will ask you to murder a level 13 Chupacabratch. It’s a giant, mutated ratch, with a scorpion tail and a bunch of horns. There’s no catch here – just make sure your ammo satchels are full when you enter the fight. You’ll find the beast in the middle of the northern part of the map, on the way to the northernmost area.

Floodmoor Basin legendary hunt location

There’s one hunt you can undertake in Floodmoor Basin, too. Hammerlock will ask you to slay a level 23 Chonk Stomp. It’s a big dinosaur without any particular qualities – aside from its prodigious size. That alone does not dissuade the sharpened blade, thankfully. You’ll find it in a cave in the Primeval Grotto, an area in the northwest of the map.

Voracious Canopy legendary hunt – Jabbermogwai

The hunt in the Voracious Canopy involves a level 26 Jabbermogwai, and was the easiest one we’ve completed thus far. We managed to kite the velociraptors from the area to the creature’s den, so they basically killed it for us. You’ll find the tiny beast in a hut in the northwest of the map.

Devil’s Razor Legendary hunt location

Visting Devil’s Razor will unlock the Antalope hunt. To murder this rare, level 31 spiderant, you’ll have to go to the bridge connecting the east and west parts of the map. If you look north while on it, you’ll see a bunch of nests in the canal. This is where the beast is – drop down there and it’ll rear its horned head.

Splinterlands legendary hunt – where to find

When you first get to the Splinterlands, Hammerlock will ask you to hunt down a Phoenix. The fiery bird can be found in a cave atop the mountain in the northeast. Once you’ve defeated the level 27 Phoenix, it’ll transform into a level 28 Reborn Phoenix. Down that one, and it’ll rise again, this time as a level 29 Legendary Phoenix.

Konrad’s Hold legendary hunt location

In this area, you’ll have to hunt a level 36 Manvark. It’s pretty much the same fight as the Lavender Crawly, except all the bugs now fly. You’ll find their nest in the Last Stand Yard, in the middle of the map.

Desolation’s Edge legendary hunt – Blinding Banshee

Hammerlock will want you to take down a level 36 Blinding Banshee here. You’ll find it in a secluded area in the farthest northern reaches of Desolation’s Edge.

Pyre of Stars legendary hunt

When you reach the Pyre of Stars, you’ll have to defeat a Swarm Host. It’s a level 37 Brood Mother, and it can be found in the cave to the east of the central corridor.

We’re going to update the guide with more locations as soon as we discover them.

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