Borderlands 3 Locked Chests - Typhon Dead Drop

Locked chests are loot containers in Borderlands 3. A lot of people are finding them, hidden away across almost every map. They can’t be unlocked using conventional means like keys and codes. Folks have tried completing quests to open them, looking for secret levers and buttons, but nothing worked. If you’re wondering how to unlock locked chests in Borderlands 3, our guide will explain everything.

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borderlands 3 locked chest typhon dead drop
Borderlands 3 Locked Chests – Typhon Dead Drop

How to unlock locked chests in Borderlands 3?

As you may have already noticed, these are no mere chests. They are, in fact, Typhon Dead Drops. In order to open them, you’ll have to collect all the typhon logs in the area. There’s usually three of them – and once you’ve collected them, an NPC will uncover the location of the dead drop and unlock it for you. As you’ve already noticed, you can find it very well on your own, but you can’t pry it open.

Each of these dead drop caches will contain around five or six items. They’re mostly weapons of varying rarities, but you can also get room decorations and other cosmetic items. Thanks to the randomized nature of the game, you can get some pretty awesome stuff this way. Even if the weapons aren’t of interest to you, nobody ever frowns at a free vanity item – a new pair of sunglasses, someone’s head to place on your mantelpiece, a keychain or trinket to hang on your rifle so that it dangles as you indiscriminately murder mutants.

There’s also the added benefit of cleaning up the map bit by bit. It might make Tannis happy enough to reward you once you’ve pillaged them all, but even if he doesn’t, there’s surely an achievement or a trophy to be had for those persistent enough to see it through to the end.

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