Borderlands 3 Errors, Crashes, Quest Bugs, Input Lag, Split Screen

Crashes, mission bugs, input lag, performance issues, split screen, and errors in Borderlands 3 are among the variety of problems you might encounter while trying to play. The game is not in a great state right now, and Gearbox will likely address most issues over time. Until then, though, you can’t just be stuck not being able to play Borderlands 3 because of performance issues, or crashes, or quest bugs. Well, let’s see if we can do something about them. All you friends that have had these issues, I welcome you to our Borderlands 3 Errors, Crashes, Quest Bugs, Input Lag, Split Screen guide, where we’ll attempt to help you solve the mess you’re in.

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Borderlands 3 Errors, Crashes, Quest Bugs, Input Lag, Split Screen
Borderlands 3 Errors, Crashes, Quest Bugs, Input Lag, Split Screen

Borderlands 3 Crashing on PC & Xbox One – Cutscenes & Shiv Battle

There have been a lot of problems with Borderlands 3 crashing, especially on PC and Xbox One. It can happen at pretty much any time, although, it seems to have an affinity for crashing during cutscenes. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for the majority of these crashes. You’ll just have to wait until a patch arrives.

There does seem to be a workaround for Xbox players that are experiencing crashes after killing Shiv. The problem seems to go away if you kill him using something other than your guns, such as, say, a barrel or something. So try restarting the game and, near the end of the fight with Shiv, pelt him with random garbage until he drops. It’s annoying, but ultimately worth a shot. Good luck.

Also, we’d be remiss not to mention this detail: it seems that crashes in general tend to be more frequent with people that switched their platform settings to New Zealand in order to play the game earlier. This might be conjecture, but it does bear bringing up, just in case.

How to Solve Borderlands 3 Performance Issues & Input Lag?

To solve performance issues in Borderlands 3, one potential universal fix is as follows: try setting your Group Privacy setting to Local Only. Also, disable all social notifications. You can find all this in the Social part of the menu. This should improve things fairly significantly. It won’t make things perfect, but it will be better. You can also try to switch off motion blur and set the fog to medium.

As for the input lag, one of the things you can try is to fiddle around with the deadzone settings. This might help on consoles in particular. The settings of the right stick seem to be especially efficient. Your mileage might vary drastically, but what do you have to lose?

Finally, input lag on the PlayStation 4, especially on the PS4 Pro, might go away if you connect it to a more modern TV. Basically, it could be a combo of the PS4’s capabilities and a TV that can’t quite handle it. It’s not much of a fix, since it does require a whole different TV, but if you have the means, give it a shot.

Other than that, we can only hope that Gearbox is gonna start putting out patches to fix this nonsense. The game is really rough across platforms, so we’re all in this together.

How to Increase Subtitle Size in Borderlands 3 Split Screen?

As we’ve covered in our Borderlands 3 Vertical Split Screen Problem article, to enlarge the subtitles and make the split screen more bearable, go into Options, and then select Accessibility. Scroll down to the Sound section. There, you’ll have two sliders that might be of assistance. One is Subtitle & CC Size, and the other Subtitle & CC Opacity. This is gonna make playing in split screen way better, since you’ll have a better chance of actually following what’s going on.

That said, this is gonna do nothing for the microscopic UI. That part is still gonna cause eye strain and heightened blood pressure. However, until Gearbox does something about this, bigger subtitles are really all you can do, as far as we can tell.

From the Ground Up Watch Monitor Bug in Borderlands 3 – How to Solve?

To solve the glitch in the From the Ground Up mission in Borderlands 3, in the Watch Monitor step, you’ll have to drop into a game with someone who has already completed that step. Complete a mission with them, and go back to single player. You’ll miss out on a portion of the game, depending on how far your helping host has come, but it’s the only way to get around this at the time of writing.

For context: what happens is, the quest step requires you to simply stand there and watch a message on the monitors. For some people, the monitors just don’t activate. This screws up the whole game, because it’s a story mission, so you can’t progress through the game at all. Truly a bad time. And it’s not even the only time this can happen, which segues us nicely to our next point.

Cult Following Borderlands 3 Quest Bug – How to Fix?

To fix the bug in the Cult Following mission in Borderlands 3, the one that happens after hologram of the sister’s plays, you have to do the same thing as in the Watch Monitor bug.Drop into a game with somebody who has completed that step and is willing to give you a helping hand. Once again, you will quite likely hop right over a certain chunk of the game, but at least you’ll be able to continue the game.

Yes, Cult Following is also a story mission, and it has pretty much the identical problem as From the Ground Up. The faulty TVs completely blocks your progress. Hopefully, a patch will save us of this pestilence.

Borderlands 3: Status 88500000 Launch Error Solution

Out of all the things we’ve covered here, the launch error Status 88500000 is the easiest to fix. All you have to do is update your Epic Games launcher. Once you do, restart it and try again. This should fix everything just fine. If it still doesn’t work, try reinstalling the game. All being well, that’s gonna finally let you play. Then, come back here for the other fixes, because you’re bound to run into at least one of the issues.

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    swamp bro quest bug chad is in the middle of the sky about 75 feet in the air with nothing around him he is impossible to get to …. so what to do … nothing their is no way to reset the quest their is nothing i see i can do does this suck? yep it does but at least its not a story quest .. still this stuff should not happen people .

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    Johnny Truong

    I was playing previous BLs as BL3 was installing and going straight from previous BLs to BL3, the input lag and drift is extremely noticeable. Everything feels “off” and it’s made the game unplayable for me. I got to Sanctuary III and went back to playing BL:TPS. >;(

    I did what you noted in this article, turned off all nearby bluetooth devices, and disconnected everything from my WiFi network. Still unplayable. It’s frustrating and makes me want to cry. I really hope Gearbox will issue a hot fix or something because I do want to shoot things in BL3.

  3. A

    Borderlands has totally messed up our ps4. My brother and I were completing the mission tactical nogit while in the middle of the mission a error code piped up saying our game is corrupted and we need to reinstall the game. We have never had this issue before so we did what it said to do. Well after that error code popped our all the games we plated showed up the same error cod of corruption. So we fActory reset thinking that would fix it. Well it did not and now the system is more laggy and loads slower. Does anyone have an idea what to do.

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