Destiny 2 Ancient's Haunt Pakrion Wanted Bounty Location

Pakrion is one of the bounties in Destiny 2 Forsaken. Like all other bounties, you can pick up the Pakrion contract from Spider, a vendor in Tangled Shore. Once purchased, the bounty lasts for one week. Your task in the Pakrion bounty quest is to eliminate the Vex target, who is hiding on Nessus. Finding Pakrion can be a bit bothersome, so we’re going to help you with our Destiny 2 Forsaken Pakrion Ancient’s Haunt location.

Destiny 2 Ancient's Haunt Pakrion Wanted Bounty Location
Destiny 2 Ancient’s Haunt Pakrion Wanted Bounty Location

Wanted: Pakrion – Where to Find Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector Location

The contract you get from Spider points you to Ancient’s Haunt, a location on Nessus. Specifically, it’s one of the Lost Sectors. You can find it in the southwest of The Tangle, just north of Well of Dust. The entrance into the Lost Sector is in the cliff wall there. As usual, the game gives you a huge hint, in the form of a Lost Sector sign near the entrance.

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The quickest way there is to land on Artifact’s Edge. Gingerly jetpack your way down to the ground, then hop onto your Sparrow and head west. Going by Sparrow is going to both save time and avoid getting into random skirmishes with enemies. Sure, you can get into ruckuses if you want to, but we’re on a mission here. When you arrive to Well of Dust, hug the cliff wall and head north until you come across the Lost Sector Sign. From there, the way is clear. Just be careful going in, because, like all other lost sectors, it’s crawling with enemies.

Pakrion Wanted Bounty Location on Nessus – Destiny 2 Forsaken

Once you go inside the Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector, you’re going to run into Vex pretty much right of the bat. You can ignore them and work your way down the Lost Sector. However, that might come back to bite you in the behind once you run into Pakrion, so you might consider clearing the area as you go. Either way, as you work your way down Ancient’s Haunt, you’ll eventually run into Pakrion. There’s no way you’re going to miss him; he’s a huge Vex with shields rotating around him. You don’t even need the yellow health bar, or the “Wanted” in front of his name.

Defeating Pakrion is a bit of a chore, but shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Basically, all you have to do is shoot him between the rotating shields. You can get up close and personal, too, just to shake things up. However, if you don’t want to, you can just nickel-and-dime him down from a distance. Up to you, Guardian.

Once you take Pakrion down, all that’s left is to pick up the loot. You can also head back to Tangled Shore, and pick up another bounty from Spider. We’ve got you covered there with our other guides, including Student of Beltrik, Queenbreaker, Metal Captain, and others.

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