Ascendant Challenge Week 3 - Climb Bones & Find Ruin - Destiny 2

Ascendant challenge week 3 is the latest weekly bounty you can get from Petra Venj in Destiny 2. As with the previous two, you’ll get a sparse description that should point you towards the location of a portal to the ascendant realm. Once you’re there, you’ll have to complete a task in order to finish the challenge. If you get stuck, our Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge week 3 guide will help you find a way.

destiny 2 ascendant challenge climb bones find ruin
Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge Week 3 – Climb Bones & Find Ruin

Ascendant Challenge – Climb The Bones to Find Your Ruin

The description is just a quote from Toland The Shattered. It says just “Climb the bones and you’ll find your ruin”. The only place that comes to mind is the Spine of Keres, the area where the observatory/oracle is. The portal is atop one of the spires northwest of the observatory, near the beach where you enter the Dreaming City for the first time. Coming from the observatory, exit through the left and follow the path until there’s no more path to follow. The portal will be on the second spire. You’ll need to drink a Tincture of Queensfall in order to see and use it, though.

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Shattered Ruins Jumping Puzzle

Once you pass through the portal, you’ll end up in the ascendant realm, in a place called Shattered Ruins. You’ll need to complete a jumping puzzle to climb up a tall tower, then defeat the boss at the top.

destiny 2 shattered ruins jumping puzzle

The jumping puzzle itself shouldn’t be too hard. Watch out for Hobgoblins sniping from floating platforms. There are two versions of the challenge, and there’s no telling which one you’ll get. They only differ when it comes to the type of obstacles you’ll face. In one, you’ll have Taken bombs you have to avoid, while the other spawns portals that emit energy blasts – these can push you off platforms, so you need to be careful around them.

Once you’re at the top, you’ll have to fight the boss, a Taken Phalanx. Our tip would be to run around the outer ring, killing adds until your super is ready, then jump into the inner ring and use the super on the boss. You can also lob grenades at him while in the outer ring. Just keep moving and he won’t be able to hit you.

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