Prince of Yul Jetsam of Saturn Wanted Bounty Location - Destiny 2

Prince of Yul is a Destiny 2 Forsaken Wanted Bounty. Like all others, you can get the Prince of Yul Wanted Bounty from Spider, in the Tangled Shore. Your target is, conveniently enough, hiding not far away, in Jetsam of Saturn. However, finding Prince of Yul and defeating him isn’t as easy as it may seem. With that in mind, here’s our Destiny 2 Forsaken Prince of Yul Wanted Bounty location guide to help you out.

Prince of Yul Jetsam of Saturn Wanted Bounty Location - Destiny 2
Prince of Yul Jetsam of Saturn Wanted Bounty Location – Destiny 2

Where to Find Prince of Yul Wanted Bounty Location?

Prince of Yul Wanted bounty is, interestingly enough, on the Tangled Shore; specifically, in the Jetsam of Saturn area. The problem is, you can’t just find Prince of Yul prancing around in the open. He’s not even hiding in a Lost Sector, or anything like that. Instead, he’s basically locked behind the Cryo-Pod public event, which takes place in the Jetsam of Saturn area. It’s in the central part of the area, southwest of the nearest Lost Sector. More than likely, you’ll have to linger around until the public event starts. And, maybe consider bringing some friends along, just in case.

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Once the event starts, after the cryo-pod lands, you’ll first have to fight off two waves of adds, which shouldn’t be too big of a problem. Then, the fun truly begins. Prince of Yul, your Wanted Bounty, will emerge from the cryo-pod. All you have to do is kill him. Alternatively, you can trigger and complete the Heroic version of this event, and that’ll count, too. Basically, vents in the cryo pod will start letting out gas. Shoot the vents to get orbs, then through them at the boss until you freeze him. This might prove as the easier option, but really, it’s up to you to decide. Oh, and do watch out for the adds spilling out everywhere whichever way you choose to kill Prince of Yul.

Whichever option you use to bring Prince of Yul down, once you get him, make sure to pick up your loot. After that, you’re basically free to do whatever is next on your agenda. You can even head back to Spider, and pick up another bounty, like Irxis Partisan or Silent Fang.

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