Ascendant Chest Locations Week 2 Stronger Curse - Destiny 2

Ascendant chests are secret chests in Destiny 2 Forsaken. They can be found around the Dreaming City, hidden on invisible platforms. There’s ten of them, and they reset each week. After the Last Wish raid was completed for the first time, their locations were changed. If you’re having trouble finding them in their new spots, our Destiny 2 Ascendant Chest locations guide will help you.

How to find ascendant chests?

In order to find an ascendant chest, you must first drink a Tincture of Queensfoil. This consumable item will grant you the Ascendance buff, which allows you to see Taken portals and invisible platforms. Once you’ve downed a bottle, you’ll have super sight for the next thirty minutes. Use that time to seek out the invisible platforms and complete the jumping puzzles that guard the chests. Each chest should contain a bottle of Tincture as well, so you only need to find one before the effects wear off to make it worth your while.

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Where to find ascendant chests after Last Wish (stronger curse)

There are ten of them, and collecting them all will unlock the Bolder Fortunes triumph. If you’ve missed the previous ones, we have a guide to help you with them – they’ll be back at some point, after the full rotation has been exhausted.

As for this collection, the one that appeared as the curse grew stronger, you’ll find the precise locations and instructions to help you with the jumping puzzles in the video below.

Once you’ve collected them all, you’ll have enough magic juice to tackle other things, like the Ascendant Challenge. Or, if you’re feeling like you’ve beefed up your main enough, you can even try the Last Wish raid. There isn’t supposed to be anything in there hidden behind invisible platforms, but it’s still early days, and not every nook and cranny has been explored.

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