Destiny 2 Black Armory Season of the Forge Details Revealed

Bungie has announced the road map of new content, starting with December and lasting until August 2019. They’ve detailed the upcoming content in a post on Bungie’s website, and in the ViDoc that you can check out below. Right now, we’ll focus on the upcoming Season of the Forge, revolving around the Black Armory. The Season of the Forge is going to last from the beginning of December this year and until February 2019.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Season of the Forge Details Revealed
Destiny 2 Black Armory Season of the Forge Details Revealed

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So, what exactly can you expect from the Season of the Forge and the Black Armory and whatnot? Well, let’s go through the calendar. The first piece of content will be the Volundr Forge, dropping on December 4th. Now, forges are basically, as I understand it, are weapon-making factories of the Black Armory faction. The Black Armory are like a secret society of weapon forgers that have three families; Norse, French, and Japanese-inspired. Volundr, guessing by the name, is the Norse forge. Your mission will be to reignite the forges, and you’ll get weapons made by the three families as rewards, one assumes.

Then, on December 7th, you can look forward to the next Forge, called Gofannon. The same date will also mark the launch of a brand new raid, in an area of the Destiny 2 universe that will have been off limits up until that point. After that, starting on December 11th, the annual Dawning event will start for all Destiny 2 players. Later still, the third Forge, Izanami Forge, will begin. That’ll be it for 2018, but there’s more to the Season of the Forge. Niobe Labs will open on January 8th, a new exotic quest, The Draw, will start on January 29th, and lastly, starting February 5th, all Destiny 2 players will be able to participate in the Crimson Days event.

Now, considering that the Black Armory are all about weird, exotic weapons, you can look forward to some really cool ones. For example, the French family will offer a bow, called Le Monarque. Its special perk is Pestilence Arrows, that creates a gas cloud that damages enemies standing around your target. From the Japanese family, we have Izanagi’s Burden; a ridiculously powerful sniper that has a perk where you can hold the reload button to ram all four bullets in the magazine into one large slug to deal massive damage. Lastly, we have Jotun from the Norse family. It’s a fusion rifle that fires a giant fireball that explodes on impact and even tracks enemies for that extra screw-you.

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