Bungie is Hard At Work Fixing Black Armory Bugs in Destiny 2

Black Armory has been released ten days ago, and a lot of Destiny 2 players have reported having issues with the new mini-expansion. Disappearing weapon frames were the most worrying problem, as they effectively negated all the effort that would go into acquiring the new weapons from Ada-1. Thankfully, the developers at Bungie are investigating these issues and will deploy a fix as soon as they have one, according to their latest blog post.

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bungie hard at work fixing black armory
Bungie is Hard At Work, Fixing Black Armory Bugs in Destiny 2

The Dawning event is going to be a welcome distraction these few days, especially for those who are affected by the Black Armory bugs. You can spend a whole lot of time getting ingredients, baking cookies, and delivering them to various NPCs in order to get the festive Dawning Cheer sparrow. Even when you’ve acquired it, you can spend even more time unlocking mods for it, which will add unique effects to it and allow you to role play as space Santa.

However, that won’t change the fact there are problems with content you’ve paid for. First of all, there’s the issue of the Scourge of the Past completion within the first 24 hours. A number of players who did this were not rewarded with the Scourge of Nothing emblem, or the Best of the Best of the Best triumph. The team is investigating this issue, and everyone will get their due rewards once the dust settles.

Then there are the missing weapon frames in the Black Armory missions. The Bungineers have managed to discover what’s causing that one, and they’re working on the fix. Until the fix is live, it is recommended you keep only one frame from each forge in your inventory. The issue of the Gofannon forge high value target only counting for those who’ve landed the killing blow is also acknowledged, and a fix is in production. There’s also a bunch of smaller stuff – if you’re interested in it, check out the original blog post.

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