Cat Locations - How to Use Small Gift in Destiny 2 Forsaken

Hidden cats are NPCs in Destiny 2. They were added in the Forsaken DLC. There’s a handful of them across several maps. When you approach them, the game will most probably tell you you lack something. However, if you turn up with the appropriate item, the cat will exchange it for a piece of legendary gear. That item is called Small Gift. Once you use it, the cat will disappear. If you want to know where to find all of these gift-giving felines, we suggest your continue reading our Destiny 2 cat locations guide.

destiny 2 secret cat locations small gift
Destiny 2 Forsaken Cat Locations

How to get Small Gift?

In order to use the cat, you’ll first have to find a Small Gift. It’s an item that drops randomly when doing activities, so there’s not much wisdom to it. Just keep doing stuff and you’ll eventually get it. It does seem you have to have unlocked the Dreaming City first, as most people report getting them in Dreaming City heroic events.

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Where to find hidden cats in Destiny 2?

The first one we found was in the Dreaming City, in the Divalian Mists. Go to the northeast of the area. When you see the giant doorway leading into the mountain, turn left and head towards the cliff. Once you’re there, look over the edge and you’ll see platforms and ledges leading down. Use them to safely descend until you see a cave mouth. Go inside and follow the narrow tunnel until you reach a set of glowing blue crystals. The cat will be sitting beside them.

The next one was in the observatory at the Spine of Keres. In order to get there, you should head to the southwestern corner of Divalian Mists, then go through the tunnel with the glowing blue crystals. Follow the path until you reach the observatory. Enter the building and use the platforms in the inner chamber to climb up above the entrance. You’ll find the cat next to the window that overlooks the bridge, sitting by a weird globe.

For the next one, go the The Strand, the area east of the landing point in the Dreaming City. As soon as you enter it (when the observatory comes into view), turn right. Hug the wall until you reach the big stone gate. You’ll see some trees growing from the cliffs there. Climb up the ledges until you reach the top one, then shimmy around the corner and you’ll find the cat behind the tree.

Then we’re off to the Gardens of Esila. When you get the previous one, go through the stone gate with the giant statue of a woman and into the corridor, then follow it until you’re in the garden. As soon as you enter the garden proper, look to the left and you’ll see a big rock outcrop. Climb to the top and you’ll find the cat next to a tree.

Go to northeastern part of Rheasilvia, into the palace. Once inside, go forward, past the big statue of a woman. Turn left once you reach the blue glowing ball in Harbinger’s Seclude. Enter the big hall and go across it and to the left. Enter the small room with the tree, and look for the cat on that tree.

There’s another one near the observatory (thanks to ZorgothTDK for the tip). Go into the observatory at Spine of Keres, and leave through the door on the left. Cross the plaza and follow the crystal path until you pass another clearing with several globe statues. Pass through the cave behind the clearing and turn left. Use the ledges on the cliff to climb all the way to the top. Turn right and cross the bridge leading up to the geode. Jump up to one of the lower points, then climb to the central peak. Jump down onto a ledge on the other side, and you’ll find the cat next to the vines.

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  1. Z

    There is a cat statue near the first observatory as well, head up the path the leads to the room above the oracle engine. Along the path you will find a large geode like structure with 2 divets cut out of the top of it, and if you jump up to the divets and climb up the side of the geode you’ll find a cat statue

    1. A

      There is another in the observatory in the very top room accessible by the platforms spinning around facing the window at the end of the room.

  2. R
    Rusty Shackleford

    In the north east corner of the Divalian Mists. Over the edge by the region chest there is a small cave at the bottom of the cliff. Hard to spot but there is one down there

  3. B

    I found another cat statue in Rheasilvia in the north west section of the zone, right when you enter the zone from Divalian Mists there is a small path that leads off to the left, going up that path a short distance and looking up you should see a moss covered statue, this is your goal. There is a fairly simply but lengthy jumping section that will lead you around the cliff faces and up to that location to where the cat is. Also right next to it is a lore collectable. Hope this helps!

  4. D

    There’s a cat hidden on top of the Harbinger room building on the right of the open area, where the enemies are high levels. A few jumps on some rocks will get you on the edge of the ledge leading to the cat.

  5. D
    Dakoda Clark

    There’s a cat in Rheasilvia just north of where Petra is currently you will have to do some jumping to get there but it’s just sitting in front of one of those statues

  6. T

    There is a cat just north of Petra in Rheasilvia there is a fairly linear path to it

  7. P

    Hi ,there is a 10th cat in Rheasilva. Go thru from the Strand side – get down until you are standing facing the main building/palace thing, past the first rotunda and walk towards the second, look to your left there is a path between 2 sets of rocks. Go forward to the cliff edge, there is a set of tall rocks with trees on top, jump down and forward, the cat is located on a tree branch.

  8. S

    Hi just want to know where is queens court????

  9. N

    Hello all,
    So I found every cat in the dreaming city and unlocked the cat emblem on my acct… but i’m still getting small gifts as loot drops from doing activities? What do/have you guys been doing with the extra small gifts in your inventory?

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