Destiny 2 Splendid Mind Glade of Echoes Wanted Bounty Location

Splendid Mind in Destiny 2 Forsaken is a bounty you can take from the Tangled Shore vendor, Spider. When you purchase the bounty from the vendor, you’ll then have one week to kill Splendid Mind, before the contract expires. Your target will be hiding on Nessus after escaping from The Rift. However, because of the nature of Nessus, finding Splendid Mind might be a bit bothersome. With that in mind, here’s our guide on Destiny 2 Forsaken Splendid Mind Glade of Echoes location.

Destiny 2 Splendid Mind Glade of Echoes Wanted Bounty Location
Destiny 2 Splendid Mind Glade of Echoes Wanted Bounty Location

Where to Find Glade of Echoes Location – Splendid Mind Bounty

The contract you get off of Spider points you towards the Glade of Echoes, which is on Nessus. And, indeed, that’s where Splendid Mind, the escapee you’re hunting, is hiding. Glade of Echoes is not that large of an area, but it is full of all sorts of debris, making navigation a little difficult and giving Splendid Mind some hidey-holes. Your first step should be to land on Nessus on the Exodus Black Landing Zone. From there, head west, and then south into Glade of Echoes.

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Basically, from the landing zone, head straight towards the red light in the wreckage until you arrive at the little stream. Hop onto your Sparrow, and head left, down the stream, towards the gigantic engine. Head down the path on the right of said engine, and follow the path from there, you can’t get lost. The game will let you know when you’ve arrived in the Glade of Echoes, right in the area where Splendid Minds is patrolling.

The area does have some enemies, but nothing that’s going to give you too much trouble. However, since Splendid Mind is not exactly the easiest of targets, you might want to do some cleaning up. Nobody needs adds nickel-and-diming them while they’re trying to bring down their target. That said, the hunt for Splendid Mind shouldn’t be that big of the deal.

Wanted: Splendid Mind Bounty Location

Once you make your way to the Glade of Echoes, head to the left and climb up to the large crate / container / whatever. This will give you a good vantage point to scout the area for Splendid Mind. Your target is going to be patrolling the area below; although, it might also appear at the container area where you’re sniping from. You’re going to have to be well aware of your surroundings, so that you don’t miss Splendid Mind.

Now, Splendid Mind can be a little difficult to spot, so here’s what you’re looking for. It’s a large, silvery Vex, which is otherwise fairly inconspicuous. Fortunately, it’s likely going to be the only Vex in the vicinity, so that should be a dead giveaway right there. Also, like all other bounties, Splendid Mind has a yellow health bar, and the word “Wanted” in front of its name. On top of that, Splendid Mind has a tendency to use the jetpack periodically, so that should be pretty eye-catching, too. Once you do spot Splendid Mind, go for the jugular immediately. It’s not that big of an issue, you’re likely going to dispatch your target pretty quickly. Collect your loot, and be on your merry way.

After you get rid of Splendid Mind, you’re free to pick up another bounty from Spider. We’ve got you covered on these with our other Destiny 2 Forsaken guides, including Student of Beltrik, Ghaul Devotee, Queenbreaker, and others.

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