Destiny 2 Blood Cleaver Sanctum of Bones Wanted Bounty

Blood Cleaver in Destiny 2 Forsaken is a bounty you can get from Spider in Tangled Shore. This is the toughest bounty you can get; hunting for Blood Cleaver is an Adventure mission in fact. This leaves us with several questions, such as where to start the Blood Cleaver bounty, his location in Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector, how to complete the Blood Cleaver wanted bounty, etc. Our Destiny 2 Forsaken Blood Cleaver Sanctum of Bones guide will help answer those questions. Your target is hiding out on Io, and there will be several hurdles you’ll have to jump over to reach Blood Cleaver, let alone defeat him.

Destiny 2 Blood Cleaver Sanctum of Bones Wanted Bounty
Destiny 2 Blood Cleaver Sanctum of Bones Wanted Bounty

Where to Start Blood Cleaver Adventure – Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector Location

Blood Cleaver is the only bounty Spider gives you that doesn’t immediately tell you where to go. Plus, unlike other bounties, it’s an Adventure mission. So, your first order of business is to bring up the map of Io, which is where the Blood Cleaver adventure starts. You’ll see a marker on the map, showing you where to go. Your target for now is The Rupture, Echo Mesa Landing Zone.

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Once you land, you’ll see a marker pointing you towards the direction you need to go. Basically, our next target is the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. It’s right to the east of the landing zone, so getting there shouldn’t be a problem. Head towards the marker until you reach the Lost Sector symbol on the rock. Go around that corner, and you’ll see a black sword sticking out of the ground. Approach it and interact with it to start the Blood Cleaver adventure.

The hunt for Blood Cleaver is going to lead you straight into the Sanctum of Bones lost sector. Things in there are going to get very ugly, so be prepared for some strong opposition. Approach the next section carefully, don’t just rush in guns a-blazing.

How to Complete Blood Cleaver Bounty – Wanted: Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing

As you make your way down the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector, you’re going to run into Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing. This enemy has a yellow health bar, and “Wanted” in front of the name. This is not your ultimate target, but you’ll still have to defeat him, as well as all the adds in the room. This is just the first part in how to complete the Blood Cleaver bounty. Be cautious in this encounter, because Pandrok won’t go down easy, and he can deal massive damage.

Probably the best course of action is to duck in and out of cover behind the wall at the entrance into Pandrok’s area. From there, you can chip away at Pandrok until you drop him. After that, you can take care of the adds at your leisure. Of course, this isn’t the only course of action, the approach is ultimately up to you. After you take care of the enemies in the area, step through the orange doorway into the mist. Beware the War Beast lurking nearby.

Blood Cleaver Location – Where to Find Wanted Bounty in Sanctum of Bones?

The location of Blood Cleaver is still some way away, in the very last room of Sanctum of Bones. After you step into the mist, head to the right immediately, and pass through the next orange door. You’ll walk into a cavern full of sleeping War Beasts, so do try not to wake them up. Make your way through towards the blue light, and onward onto the cliff. Jetpack forwards to the enemies, then onto the opening into the cliff wall.

This is where to find Blood Cleaver in the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. Before engaging him directly, though, you should turn around and get rid of any adds that might have followed you inside. Once that’s done, head further inside the area, and you’ll see Blood Cleaver in a small body of water. Get ready for a tough tussle.

How to Defeat Blood Cleaver Bounty in Destiny 2 Forsaken Solo?

Blood Cleaver is a formidable enemy, probably the most difficult of all the bounties to take down. The best strategy is to use a bow, and keep a healthy stash of bombs. If you don’t have the bow, that’s fine, too, but hang on to those bombs. Plus, you’ll have to use your surroundings to your advantage. Here we go.

The main defense Blood Cleaver uses is his orange shield to turtle up. Once you step into the shield, you have about half a second to fire of a shot, before it disables your weapons. So, approach the target from your right, take aim at his head (and draw your bow, if you have one), step inside the shield, fire quickly, then get back out. Rinse and repeat; that’s how to defeat Blood Cleaver himself. And, for god’s sake, don’t let him hit you; it hurts a lot.

At some point, Blood Cleaver is going to summon some adds, called Hound of the Cleaver. The trick here is to clamber up the rock, which they can’t climb, and dispatch them from there. If they start to retreat behind the shield, climb down to draw them out, then climb back up. You can also save your ultimate to take care of the dogs, too. When you kill them, they’ll drop more ammo, so don’t worry about that. However, when the turrets come out, that’s the time to panic. Take them out as soon as you can.

As far as Blood Cleaver goes, just keep doing the cycle we’ve described above, and he’ll drop eventually. You might die a couple of times, but that’ll only help you get the patterns down. Eventually, he’ll drop, and the bounty will be all yours. You can now take up other bounties, including Student of Beltrik, Queenbreaker, Ghaul Devotee, and others.

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    you can just deactivate the shield

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    Connor is right. If you destroy the flaming protruding bit in the middle that Blood Cleaver hangs around (using the same process described by OP), it will make two turrets and two dogs appear. If you shoot the orange bar turret it will drop an orb that you can then place in the center where the now destroyed center thing is placed.That drops the shield for a time so you can get shots off on him before the shield comes back up and you start the process over.

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    I have checked Spiders bounties for weeks and I have yet to see on for the Blood Cleaver. Where is it?

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    I just used a sword to defeat him no problem. Still worked in the orange zone.

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    The adventure doesn’t pop up.. and I’m pretty sure I haven’t done it yet, so do I have to do multiple adventures to get it?

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