Destiny 2 Guitar Error Code Booting Players to Orbit

Erorr code guitar is the latest problem plaguing the Destiny 2 community. It’s a networking error that keeps kicking a certain number of players to orbit during various activities. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing at the moment – everyone’s a potential victim. People have been booted while roaming the Tower, doing the raid trials, killing strike bosses, etc.

destiny 2 error code guitar
Destiny 2 Guitar Error Code Booting Players to Orbit

Since it’s a networking error, the usual advice applies – check your NAT type, forward a port if you can, restart the game, and so on. Bungie has a nifty little network troubleshooting page on their site. Since the number of people complaining about the issue is quite large, it’s probably an issue on Bungie’s side, though. This is good news in the sense that you don’t have to anything but wait for them to solve it. On the other hand, it’s also bad news – there’s no quick fix, and you’re at the mercy of Bungie’s engineers.

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This isn’t the first time something like this happened to Destiny 2, either. Even though the game had two rounds of beta testing, and Bungie already has experience running a game of this type and caliber, the cabbage error drove people crazy earlier in the month, and PS4 players got their permission to access online multiplayer revoked accidentally. Luckily, the devs’ response was quick in both instances, so we’re hoping the guitar error thing will be solved promptly.

While you’re waiting for a fix, why not have a look at what’s waiting for you after the weekly reset? This week’s nightfall is Exodus Crash, a tough mission that will require you to save the wreckage of the Exodus Black from a bunch of nasty Fallen. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Cayde-6 treasure hunts, this week’s lot is hidden on Titan.

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