Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Nessus

Destiny 2 Region Chest locations on Nessus can be found in seven of the regions on the planet. Each region has three golden chests, making for a total of twenty-one to collect. They can be pretty tricky to find, while other chests can be found lying in the open. No matter how well-hidden they may be, they’re always worth looking for, because they can drop some seriously good loot and tokens. If you need help finding them, we’ve made this Destiny 2 Region Chest locations on Nessus guide for you, map and screenshots included.

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Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Nessus
Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Nessus

Exodus Black Region Chests on Destiny 2 Nessus

  1. The first chest in Exodus Black is pretty easy to find. Head north of the area’s landing zone until you reach the decrepit base. The chest is on the top of a nearby rock formation.
  2. This chest is located on another rock formation, slightly to the south of the first one. This time, though, it’s much higher up, so be prepared for some platforming.
  3. Not far from the Exodus Black landing zone, a little to the right, you’ll find an entrance into a cave. Inside, you’ll spot a large teleporter. At its base, in the left corner, you’ll find the chest.

Hidden Golden Chests in Nessus Glade of Echoes

  1. The first region chest in the Glade of Echoes is to the northwest from the Exodus Black landing zone. At the location marked on the map, you’ll see a large, flat, elevated rock with lush, red vegetation. Fly up there to get the chest.
  2. South and slightly east from the previous chest, you’ll come across several huge, broken containers piled on each other. Head inside and to the left all the way, Turn around, and boom, region chest.
  3. Climb up the rubble above the containers you found the chest above. In the other area, go to the far left corner. The region chest is hidden behind a block.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll keep updating it as we keep playing the game and find more of them.

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