Destiny 2 Conflux Location - Invitation Quest - How to Get Imperials

Conflux is one of the lost sectors in Destiny 2. It is located on Nessus, near the Cistern landing point. You’ll need to complete it during the Season of Opulence, in order to recover the Imperials required for the Invitation quest. If you’re having trouble finding it, this guide will show you Destiny 2 Conflux lost sector location.

destiny 2 invitation quest
Destiny 2 Conflux Location – Invitation Quest – How to Get Imperials

Where to find Conflux in Destiny 2?

When you open up the map of Nessus, look in the lower left corner. You’ll find a large area called The Cistern. The landing point is to the east of it. The lost sector itself is to the north of the Well of Flame. You’ll see the sign on a stone under a big tree on your left. Jump off the cliff and turn around, and you’ll find the entrance.

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How to get Imperials for Invitation quest?

The description of the Invitation quest item clearly states that you’ll be able to get these from the “Red Legion deserters in the Conflux Lost sector on Nessus”. However, when you first enter and start shooting the Cabal scum inside, you’ll notice you’re not actually getting anything. So where are your just rewards?

Well, it turns out you actually have to open up the cache to get them. This means you’ll have to defeat the lost sector boss, one Shayotet Partisan, and get the key from them, then head over to the chest and open it. This action will net you 1000 Imperials, which will be enough to progress with the quest.

We’re not sure whether you can get more by repeating the lost sector, because we haven’t tried it ourselves. From what we’ve heard, getting the Imperials shouldn’t be too hard once you’ve opened up the Menagerie, but if it turns out this location is farmable, we’ll be sure to update the guide.

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