Destiny 2 Glorious Harvest Weekly Bounty - Challenge Completed

Glorious Harvest is a weekly bounty in Destiny 2. It’s part of the opening quest chain from the Season of Opulence, and you’ll have to complete it before you can access the Menagerie or the Crown of Sorrow raid. You’ll receive it automatically at some point, and it seems simple at first. However, the game doesn’t explain the objectives clearly enough, which means a lot of people got stuck here. If you’re one of them, our Destiny 2 Glorious Harvest guide will show you how to complete the challenge.

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destiny 2 glorious harvest
Destiny 2 Glorious Harvest Weekly Bounty – Challenge Completed

How to complete challenge for Glorious Harvest?

You’ll get the bounty as you progress through the Invitation quest. Once you have it, open up pursuits and you’ll see that it requires you to get some orbs, gain a bunch of experience and complete a challenge. If you read through the description, you’ll see it’s supposed to be “any challenge”, but that’s not the case. In order to complete the bounty, you’ll actually have to finish a weekly challenge.

Any of them will do – they’re the ones with the fancier version of the golden star. Anything that rewards you with powerful gear will do. We decided to go with the Flashpoint, which was on Io this week. As soon as we completed the tasks and talked to Asher Mir, the check box in the Glorious Harvest was marked – easy as that.

This whole quest chain is filled with confusion, as far as we can tell. People are having trouble with the Invitation quest, accessing the Menagerie, crafting the chalice, obtaining Imperials. It seems to be a struggle every step of the way. We’re going to keep playing, and we’re going to keep writing guides about anything we find out of the ordinary, so check back if you get stuck again.

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    Lutz Kretzschmar

    Hmm, I just finished a weekly bounty from Spider on IO (Grove of Ulan-Tan) and that did not trigger the Challenge steps to complete…

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