Clan Features will be unavailable in game for the first several days

In the light of Destiny 2 launch, Bungie has stated that some features, particularly clan features, will not be available at the time of launch. They are expected to arrive a few days later.

Bungie is currently looking into the matter. but there is still a way for the players to get into each others clans. What you need to do is get the friend you are interested in playing together in the same clan to register on the Once this is done, you can invite each other from your clan page. It is a little roundabout, but it is not really a “hack” by any means.

As you are aware, the clans are a new feature added in Destiny 2, in order to create stronger Destiny community and allow players to find others to play with. As clan membership, you will have access to various benefits, such as:

  • Clan banner – assist your clan to unlock Clan Banner Perks
  • Clan rewards – if a clan member completes a specified endgame acitvity, every member of the clan receives an engram
  • Weekly milestone – each member receives a milestone and experience earned by all members goes toward unlocking new Clan Banner Perks
  • Guided games – if you lead interested Guardians through endgame content it will boost your Clan’s Oathkeeper Score

As you are waiting for Bungie to release clan features for everyone, feel free to check out our growing list of Destiny 2 guides.

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