Destiny 2 Where to find Kill Tracker Ghost Shell?

Kill tracker ghost shell is one of the preorder bonuses for Destiny 2. It’s a skin for your ghost that tracks your kills across the campaign and PvP. It was supposed to be a nifty little bonus for people who believed in the game enough to put down money before it was out, but Bungie dropped the ball on it. Many players are have been asking where to find kill tracker ghost in Destiny 2 – if you’re one of them, you’re not going to be happy with the answer.

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destiny 2 where to find kill tracker ghost shell
Destiny 2 Where to find Kill Tracker Ghost Shell?

Where is my kill-tracker ghost?

If you’re wondering where your kill-tracker ghost is – Lord Shaxx has it. However, he won’t part with it easily. Before you can get it, you’ll have to complete the Red War campaign, then get to level 20. Talk to him afterwards, and you’ll get the shell you were promised.

Update: It turns out the game tracks your kills even before you get the ghost. Once you equip it, it’ll show all the lives you’ve taken up to that point. This is great news, as most people were concerned it will only count the kills from the moment you get it. All is well.

Original text: It’s a baffling decision, as most players who were interested presumed it would count their kills from the moment they stepped into the game. Instead, it was placed behind an arbitrary wall, making it somewhat useless. People who wanted to keep count of their score will have to settle for “kills from the moment I reached level 20” instead of “total kills”.

To make matters worse, it was completely unnecessary. It’s not like the ghost has any impact on gameplay. Not giving players the preorder exotic before they reach a certain level is understandable, as it would have an impact on balance. But a ghost shell?

There’s nothing you can do about it, either, except maybe learn a lesson on the perils of preordering. Those who hadn’t bought the game in advance will be able to get this ghost in December, but will probably have to do a small quest or pay some glimmer.

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