Destiny 2 Forerunner Catalyst

Destiny 2 creators Bungie have added a host of new content for their anniversary, one of which is the Forerunner Catalyst. This gun is an exotic sidearm, bearing a striking resemblance to the Magnum in Halo. The Forerunner has the legendary trait ‘Pace Yourself’ giving it less recoil and improved accuracy. Combined with its ‘Full Stop’ intrinsic trait it becomes a formidable weapon. Below, we tell you how to get the Forerunner Catalyst in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Forerunner Catalyst
Destiny 2 Forerunner Catalyst

The Forerunner Catalyst also has a new ability known as The Rock. This allows secondary fire to consume some of your ammo reserves and create a fragmentation grenade. Add this to its orb generating effect and it becomes quite desirable. It will level up once you eliminate 700 foes.

How to Get the Forerunner Catalyst in Destiny 2

To get the Forerunner Catalyst you need to reach rank 16 reputation with Xur in Eternity. Begin the Magnum Opus quest. There are many facets to this quest, involving collecting starcoins and bounties. Keep working on them until you get a strange key from Xur. You can read our guide on the Magnum Opus Quest here.

Keep in mind that for the next section, many people have noted a glitch in which the key vanishes during play. This is because you must complete the task with the character you picked up the quest with. If you are having issues with the key then we have a troubleshooting guide here.

Once you have used the key during the quest the barrier will lower.  Follow the waypoint into the cave then jump on the circular objects to the top of the cave. Keep jumping up this puzzle until you reach another entrance. Inside it will be a cryopod. Once you interact with this you get an Anomalous Object.

All you then need to do is take this back to Banshee. You will gain the Forerunner as a reward. It is unknown if there are currently any other ways to get it.

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