Destiny 2 Magnum Opus Exotic Quest, Strange Key & Forerunner Sidearm

Destiny 2 Magnum Opus is a new exotic quest available in the Bungie’s 30th Anniversary update. During this quest you’ll be challenged to collect Strange Coins, complete bounties from Starhorse in Eternity, obtain the Strange Key from Xur and take part in horse’s challenge. All these steps are not easy to complete, thus, if you have any problem this guide will help you get Forerunner Sidearm.

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destiny 2 Magnum Opus Strange Key Forerunner Sidearm

Magnum Opus Collect Strange Coins and Bring Them Back to Starhorse

Your first step is to collect seven Strange Coins and bring them back to Starhorse in Eternity. This step is pretty simple, since you can get the Strange Coins by completing Vanguard Strikes, Crucible and Gambit Matches, or Xur’s Treasure Hoard.

Obtain the Strange Key from Xur in Eternity after Reaching Strange Favor Rank Brave

At first glance, this step looks easy, since your only task is to rank up Reputation and reach Rank 4. But, this step will take you a lot of time since you’ll have to complete 3 bounties from the Starhorse. Even if you managed to level up your rank without Starhorse bounties, you’ll have to complete 3 bounties in order to continue the quest.

Unlock the way forward with the Strange Key Destiny 2

Once you obtain the Strange Key, go to Eternity, then, go to Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Once you spawn, turn right and go to the opposite side of the Xur. Once you go through the portal, from the spawn location, you’ll see a pile of rocks to the right. You should use the key on that pile of rocks (to the right of the structure in the middle). Location where you should use the key will be marked only when you get close enough. You have to stand almost on the rock. After that the cave will be marked all the way to the left. Inside the cave you’ll have a small jumping puzzle before you get Anomalous Objest. If you have any problem with the jumping part take a look at this video. Bring the Anomalous Object to Banshee in the Tower to see if he can repair it and obtain your exotic weapon Forerunner.

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