How to Start Dares of Eternity Lightning Round in Destiny 2

There is a new bonus Lightning Round in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity, but knowing how to start is proving elusive. As a result, people are speculating on how to actually kick it off. All is certain is that this round occurs after you have defeated the final boss. By completing the rounds, you can claim extra rewards. Read on as we discuss how to start the Dares of Eternity Lightning Round.

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How to Start Dares of Eternity Lightning Round in Destiny 2
How to Start Dares of Eternity Lightning Round in Destiny 2

So far, the only given to unlock the Lightning Round is that you need to defeat the final boss. We have seen both a Lightning Round 1 and Lightning Round 2 so far. Other than this, much of it points to the round possibly being a random occurrence.

What is already known is that it does not depend on getting 200,000 points when you kill the boss. Some players online believed this would unlock it, but rounds have occurred with fewer points. It does also not matter in what time frame you complete the dare and defeat the boss. Some believed it needed to be sub ten minutes, but this does also not seem to be the case. No one yet knows if both normal and legend have the bonus rounds, or one mode is favored.

How to Start Dares of Eternity Lightning Round in Destiny 2

When you do get a Lightning Round, a progress bar and timer appear. To ensure you get the most rewards you need a tactic. This should focus on the control points that appear in the room.

These control points will have mobs of Minotaur’s and Ogres along with weaker mobs. Place two people on them to keep them at bay. Ammo creates will drop to help you survive this.

The Lightning Round ends when you fail to capture all the zones within the time limit. You will have two minutes for each. Each one you complete will get you an extra chest.

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