Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key - How to Get & Decrypt

Encrypted Cache Key is an item you can get in Destiny 2 Warmind DLC. It’s a reward you get from Ana Bray. However, getting the Encrypted Cache Key in the Warmind DLC can be incredibly difficult. Even more difficult is turning it into a Decrypted Cache Key, and figuring out where to use it. So, we’re going to show you how to decrypt Encrypted Cache Key in Destiny 2 Warmind, and how to use it.

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Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key - How to Get & Decrypt
Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key – How to Get & Decrypt

How to Get Encrypted Cache Key in Destiny 2 Warmind?

In order to get an Encrypted Cache Key in the Warmind DLC, you first have to complete the main story campaign. Once that’s done, start participating in the following events: Heroic Strikes and Adventures, Nightfall Strikes, and the Raid or Raid Lairs. Completing each of these can net you Rasputin Key Fragments. Once a week, you can hand in the Rasputin Key Fragments to Ana Bray, and she’ll grant you an Encrypted Cache Key. You’ll need seven Rasputin Key Fragments to earn a Cache Key.

How to Decrypt Encrypted Cache Key in Warmind DLC & Where to Use?

To decrypt the Encrypted Cache Key, you have to participate in Escalation Protocols. This can prove to be a challenge, since you’ll have to complete around seven or so levels in Escalation Protocols in order to receive the Decrypted Cache Key. In short, just keep doing Escalation Protocols until the game notifies you that you got the decrypted key.

As for where to use the Decrypted Cache Key, you first have to defeat the final boss of the Escalation Protocol, and good luck with that. Once you manage to kill the final boss, it will drop a loot chest, plus some extra rewards that are exclusive. The Decrypted Cache Key is necessary to open the loot chest that the final boss drops. So, you don’t need to hand in the key anywhere special, but you won’t be able to open that final loot chest without the Destiny 2 Decrypted Cache Key. The Escalation Protocol bosses are on a weekly rotation, so hopefully, the Encrypted and Decrypted keys will carry over from week to week.

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