Destiny 2 Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle - How to Get

Polaris Lance is an exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a scout rifle, the same one Ana Bray uses in the promotional videos. It’s a shiny piece of gear, with an interesting intrinsic perk, and most players are eager to get their hands on it. There’s a problem, though – nobody has been able to get it yet. Read on for our take on the Destiny 2 Polaris Lance mystery, and some ideas on possible ways to get it.

destiny 2 polaris lance exotic scout rifle
Destiny 2 Polaris Lance Exotic Scout Rifle

How to get Polaris Lance?

As we’ve mentioned, nobody really know how to get it at this point. It certainly isn’t available as a random drop – someone would’ve obtained it from an exotic engram by now. There are several theories, but the one think is the most likely is that it’s a reward for completing the Nascent Dawn quest chain.

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The quest abruptly ends after you’ve finished the first part, and there’s “1/5” in the name, implying it’s only one of five pieces of a whole. Since nobody has reported getting the second part of the quest, it’s possible they’re going to be rolled out on a weekly basis. There’s also the possibility it’s going to be raid lair reward, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it come Friday. We’re going to update this page with more info as soon as we’ve got it.

Polaris Lance stats & perks

destiny 2 how to get polaris lance

The Polaris Lance has the Perfect Fifth intrinsic perk, which gives you an explosive solar round after you score four precision hits in a row. The Smallbore perk increases range and stability, while the Tactical Mag slightly increases stability, magazine size and reload speed. The Fitted Stock increases the gun’s stability, while also decreasing handling sped and recoil. Finally, the Zen Moment trait increases the weapon’s stability as it does damage.

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