Destiny 2 How to Get Past 345 Power Level - Warmind Leveling Guide

Power level 345 is the new soft cap in Destiny 2. There’s a ceiling there since the Warmind expansion, which can stop you from progressing further if you’re don’t play your cards right. Regular legendary engrams will push you to 340, mods will give you the extra 5, and then you’ll probably get stuck. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get above power level 345 in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 how to get past 345 power level
Destiny 2 How to Get Past 345 Power Level

How to get above 345 power in Destiny 2?

The first step of getting past 345 power is getting up to 345. It may sound funny, but for the best results, you’ll want to be exactly at 345 and not a level less. Finish the story campaign, then play strikes, adventures, public events and similar stuff to push you up to 340. Just steer clear of milestones. When you get there (when all your gear is at 340), start putting mods into everything. This will get you to 345.

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In order to break through the soft cap, you’ll have to rely on milestones. The only thing that can give you the bump you need are powerful engrams, and you’ll get those for completing milestones. Make sure you turn them in one by one, opening the engrams in between – even a small bump in power level could result in stronger gear from subsequent engrams.

Doing the raid can also result in high-level stuff, especially the prestige variant. However, most players probably won’t want to replay the raid now, when there’s new content to consume. It’s a valid option, if you’re already fed up with the Martian wasteland.

Keep in mind there’s a bug with clan XP, which makes powerful engrams from Hawthorne decrypt at 340. You should probably avoid picking that one up until there’s word of a fix, or you’ll just waste a powerful engram, which could provide a welcome boost at a later point.

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    powerful engram is capped from clan lady on purpose not a bug at all

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      Was literally about to say that clan engrams will no longer be powerful. That includes the clan xp, the raid, the nightfall, and the crucible clan engrams.

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        In the TWAB they have said that this is a bug.

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