Destiny 2 Engine, Transfer, Armory Chest Locations - Leviathan Raid

Engine, transfer and armory chests are loot containers in Destiny 2’s first raid, the Leviathan. You’ll need to finish several of the trials from the raid in order to get the keys, but that’s just the first of your troubles. Even when you’ve got the keys, you’ll still have to find the chests, which are hidden in a labyrinth beneath Calus’ opulent city. Finding them is the real bother here, so we’ve decided to help you by writing a guide with Destiny 2 engine, transfer & armory chest locations.

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destiny 2 engine transfer armory chest
Destiny 2 Engine, Transfer, Armory Chest Locations

Engine Chest Location

Once you’ve pulled the levers, go to the secret entrance. Follow the tunnel until you reach a ventilator shaft. Use the computer in the room on the ledge to turn on the lift, then glide up. Turn left and follow the corridor. Pull the lever and enter the room. You’ll have to kill the watchers inside before they can sound the alarm. This will open the door with the golden ornament and lead you to the engine chest. If you fail with the robots, you can use the lever to reset the room.

Transfer Chest Location

Go back to the shaft you used as a lift. Go down the other corridor – the one that leads up a ramp. Pull the lever to open the door, then kill the watchers quickly. Go back to the door, then hug the left wall until you reach the transfer chest.

Armory Chest Location

Once you’ve got the transfer chest, go back to the entrance of the room and turn around. Go to the far left corner, through the door with the two axes above them. Crawl through the tunnel, exit to the left then turn right. Pull the lever and kill the robots before they can call their buddies, then go to the far right, up to the second level. You’ll find the chest where the golden door once stood.

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