Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor - Perks, How to Get Them & Locations

Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor are hard-to-find equipment, designed to give your Guardian an edge. You can get exotic helmets, chest armor, boots and gauntlets, and every exotic armor piece for the Warlock has a special perk that will boost your character’s powers. Obtaining Warlock Exotic armor isn’t easy, though, and will require some effort. You’ll have to kill raid bosses and collect loot after completing the raid, go to the Cryptarch to open engrams, or go planet-hopping to do business with Xur for Legendary Shards. We’ve put together this guide and listed all Warlock Exotic armor in Destiny 2 to assist you, including how to get the equipment.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor
Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock Armor

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. Once the full game comes out, we’ll update the guide with exotic armor items as we discover them.

Warlock Exotic Helmets, Gauntlets, Boots & Chest Armor in Destiny 2

All Destiny 2 Exotic Warlock armor pieces need to be unlocked, either by completing raids and getting them as drops, or by decrypting engrams and seeing what’s inside. If that’s not your jam, you can instead opt to grind Legendary Shards and then go looking for Xur to purchase Exotic equipment from him. Really, both options are more or less equally difficult, but we know you won’t let that deter you. Nobody wants to pass up on those sweet perks the armor has to offer. So, to help you out on your quest, we’ve provided the list of all Warlock Exotic armor pieces. We’ve included information about how to unlock them for those that we’ve found.

Crown of Tempests

Type: Exotic Warlock Helmet

Perk: Conduction Tines. Arc ability kills increase the recharge rate of your Arc abilities.

Eye of another World

Type: Exotic Warlock Helmet

Perk: Cerebral Uplink. Highlights priority targets and improves the regeneration speed of your Grenade, Melee, and Rift abilities.

Nezarec’s Sin

Type: Exotic Warlock Helmet

Perk: Abyssal Extractors. Void damage kills grant ability energy.

Skull of Dire Ahamkara

Type: Exotic Warlock Helmet

Perk: Actual Grandeur. Provides additional damage resistance during Nova Bomb. Nova Bomb kills grant Super energy.

Karnstein Armlets

Type: Exotic Warlock Gauntlet

Perk: Vampire’s Caress. Melee attacks grant health recovery and ability energy.


Type: Exotic Warlock Gauntlet

Perk: Helium Spirals. Increases the duration of Solar Grenades and grants grenade energy on melee hits.

Winter’s Guile

Type: Exotic Warlock Gauntlet

Perk: Warlord’s Sigil. Eliminating enemies with melee attacks increases your melee damage.

Starfire ProtocolType: Exotic Warlock Chest Armor

Perk: Fusion Harness. Provides an additional Fusion Grenade charge. Fusion grenade kills grant Rift energy.

Wings of Sacred Dawn

Type: Exotic Warlock Chest Armor

Perk: Dawnstar Tome. When Dawnblade is equipped, aiming weapons while in the air suspends you in midair for a short time. Precision hits extend this effect’s duration.

Lunafaction Boots

Type: Exotic Warlock Boots

Perk: Alchemical Etchings. Your Rifts gain the additional ability to automatically reload allies’ weapons.

Transversive Steps

Type: Exotic Warlock Boots

Perk: Strange Protractor. While Sprinting, movement speed is increased and energy weapons are automatically reloaded.

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