Destiny 2: Forsaken Visions of Light Quest Bugged

Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced new content to experience, with new skill trees for our Guardian’s subclasses. But how to unlock new abilities? The answer to this question lies in Visions of Light Quest where you’ll get Seed of Light item. Unfortunately, some Destiny 2 players reported that Vision of Light quest is bugged, thus, in this guide we’ll teach you how to fix this problem.

destiny 2 visions of light bug

Visions of Light bug

Visions of Light quest starts when you collect 100 Vision of Light items. These items can be obtained almost everywhere – from different activities, chests, drops from yellow enemies, and so on. The quest has several steps and starts in the Lost Oasis region on Io. At the end of the quest, you’ll be rewarded with Seed of Light item. According to description it will unlock a new path in the subclass of your choice. This item is very rare and using it consumes it.

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The quest gets bugged at the last step when you have to inspect the tree. It turns out that if you don’t follow the tracker properly, you’ll not get the Seed of Light. Solution to this problem is very simple. Leave the area, then run through the entire Lost sector again. It is very important not to take any shortcuts – like jumping through little holes that leads to the last room (thanks stockholm182).

Once you complete the Forsaken campaign you’ll be able to unlock the skill tree for the first subclass. Unlocking second and third subclass’ skill trees requires additional Seeds of Light and access to the Dreaming City where you should visit Petra and run tier two Blind Well until you get Seed of Light to drop. You can find more information in our article How to get more Seeds of Light to unlock second and third subclass.

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  1. H

    Actually I had this happen and All i had to do was run around and find the 2 taken i didn’t kill. So kill all the taken as you go.

  2. D

    in case you completed the mission and you didn’t get the seed..
    any solution to retake it back?

    1. L

      I am not sure you can, at least not this mission where you get the seed of light. Have you checked the postmaster at the Tower, maybe he has it?

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