Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent Tether Puzzle Solution

Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent in the Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation raid is the boss of the raid, and it follows you throughout the whole thing. In the first room of the Garden of Salvation raid, you’ll have to solve a Tether Puzzle, while collecting the Voltaic Overflow buff in order to survive. In fact, you’ll have to do so in several following rooms, too. This can conceivably be pretty troublesome for a lot of people. So, our Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent Tether Puzzle Solution guide is gonna show you how to solve the Tether Puzzle in the first few rooms in Garden of Salvation raid in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

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Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent Tether Puzzle Solution
Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation Raid Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent Tether Puzzle Solution

How to Solve First Consecrated Mind Encounter Garden of Salvation Raid Destiny 2 Shadowkeep?

To solve the First Consecrated Mind Sol Inherent first encounter, you’ll all have to collect the glowing cubes that the boss drops, aka Voltaic Overflow Buff, in order to prevent wiping in a matter of ten seconds or so. Keep this in mind, since you’ll have to rotate team members so that you all have the buff. Or, at least, enough of you in order to survive and revive each other.

Anyways, once you got all that figured out, look out for a small, floating box that appears to the right of the entrance into the arena. Shoot it, and it will tether you. Then, another player can tether to you, and so on. The goal is to get the ray to reach a small, floating object that’s in front of the glowing barrier. You do this by basically forming a chain with your bodies. This will open the barrier, and allow you to proceed into the next room.

When you get there, you’ll notice that the box is inside a shield. Kill the two Cyclopes enemies for the shield to drop. Now, form another chain from the box to the next door. You won’t need as many people this time. This is quite fortunate, because you’ll need two people that don’t have the buff to stay behind and collect them, in order to protect the team from instant death.

Once you unlock room three, platforms will appear across the chasm between rooms one and two. So, the people that remained back there can quickly rejoin the rest of the team. The boss will move to the second room, allowing for easier access to the buffs. As for room three, kill all the enemies to spawn the Angelic boss. Once you drop it, a tether box is gonna appear in a random spot in the room. It won’t be far from the door, and you’ll likely need just three people to open the next door.

This new room has three boxes and three locks. Each of these have to be tethered separately. Murder the Angelic to unlock the first box. Tether it to unlock the second box. Do the same for the third box. From there, battle through the hordes of enemies. The boss will run in front of you, dropping the debuff cubes that you’ll have to collect among the chaos.

That’s it for the first “encounter” in the Garden of Salvation raid. You’re far from the end, though. Check out our Garden of Salvation Raid – Consecrated Mind, Tether Puzzle, Underbrush Tower guide for instructions on the following steps.

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