Destiny 2 Tower Secrets - Giant Ball, Secret Room, Lava Buff, Soccer Field

Destiny 2’s final hub, the rebuilt and renewed Tower, seems to be filled to the brim with secrets. There’s lots to find if you’re into exploring – players have already discovered some neat tricks, easter eggs and hidden locations. If you want to explore the place for yourself, better stop reading – there are spoilers ahead.

destiny 2 secrets tower giant ball secret room soccer field lava buff
Destiny 2 Tower Secrets – Giant Ball, Secret Room, Lava Buff, Soccer Field

Giant Ball in the Tower

If you kick the purple ball around the Tower, it can grow to an impressive size. It’s a bit difficult to pull off, but you’ll end up with a giant ball and some pretty fireworks. If you need to know where exactly to kick it, we’ve written about the Destiny 2 Giant Ball Easter Egg already.

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The Floor is Lava Buff

This one works similarly to the Scout Commander Buff at The Farm – you need to complete a challenge in order to get a bonus to your movement speed and jump height. You can start the challenge by interacting with a certain item on the bridge. It will require you to reach a certain point without touching the floor. If you need detailed instructions, check out our how to get The Floor is Lava Buff guide.

Secret room in the Tower

There’s a secret room above the Hangar, with some fancy furniture and a giant screen with the word “daito” written on it. There’s also an object your ghost can scan inside, although it raises more questions than it answers. Getting inside is tricky, and requires going across catwalks and through vents. If you want details on its locations, check out this video.

Soccer / Football field in the Tower

The football field was one of the biggest attractions at the Farm. It’s great news then, that it’s not the only one in the game. When you move back into the tower, you’ll probably miss the fact there’s a soccer field in it as well. Go down into the Hangar, then around Cayde’s stall. The rules are the same, but the view is much better.

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  1. D

    There is a investigation icon on the red bridge in the hangar behind the panel that calls jumpships. I can’t get to it to find out what it does.

    1. L

      I think that is a scannable object you are talking about. There are many on the Tower, and on the other maps. They provide with the additional lore information.

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