Destiny 2 How to Get Imperials & Upgrade Chalice

Imperials are a new currency in Destiny 2. They were introduced in the Season of Opulence update, and they’re pretty hard to come by. You’ll need a lot of them if you want to upgrade your Chalice of Opulence and make full use of the Menagerie. This guide is going to show you the best ways to get imperials in Destiny 2, so you can get that new gear as soon as possible.

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destiny 2 how to get imperials upgrade chalice
Destiny 2 How to Get Imperials & Upgrade Chalice

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Destiny 2 imperials

The most basic and obvious way to earn imperials is by doing bounties for Werner, the new vendor on Nessus. Like all other bounties, these are chosen from a pool on a daily/weekly basis, and are refreshed only after the period has expired. This is something you’re going to be doing no matter what, but it’s important to mention because it ties into another, less obvious way to get imperials.

Each time you complete a certain bounty for the first time, you’ll unlock another triumph. Many of these triumphs will reward you with imperials once you’ve acknowledged them. So make sure you check the triumph tab regularly, and you’ll get some nu-coin. All the trials in the Menagerie tab (under Destinations, in the Minor category) will reward you this way, so keep an eye out.

You should also get the Power & Efficiency 2 upgrade for your Chalice as soon as possible. It’s going to give you a small chance of getting imperials from regular playlist activities. No matter how slim the chance, these are activities you’re going to spend most of your time doing, so it’s worth the investment.

Lastly, there’s a consumable item called Wealth of The Emperor. You can buy it from Werner using glimmer and legendary shards, and it’ll greatly increase your chances of getting imperials from the Menagerie.

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