Destiny 2 Gunslinger Hunter Subclass Talents Exposed in Beta Test

Gunslinger Subclass Way of the Outlaw talents list is now known to the public, thanks to the early access open beta. This subclass was so good in the vanilla Destiny that it had to be present in the sequel. Almost all talents are the same.

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Destiny 2 Gunslinger Subclass Way of the Outlaw Talents List
Destiny 2 Gunslinger Subclass Way of the Outlaw Talents List

Destiny 2 Gunslinger Talent Tree

The majority of the spells we’ve been able to test in the beta were present in the vanilla Destiny. Some of them are also shared with the second Hunter subclass, Arcstrider.

1. Super Ability
Golden GunSummon a flaming pistol that disintegrates enemies with Solar Light.
2. Grenade
TripmineAn explosive grenade that sticks to surfaces and detonates upon enemies who pass through its laser trigger.
SwarmA grenade that detonates on impact, releasing multiple drones that seek nearby enemies.
IncendiaryA grenade whose explosions catches enemies on fire.
3. Class Skill
Marksman’s DodgeDodge (Circle, Circle/ B, B) to perform an evasive maneuver with a steady hand. Dodging automatically reloads your weapon.
Gambler’s DodgeDodge (Circle, Circle/ B, B) to perform a deft tumble, avoiding enemy attacks. Dodging near enemies fully rechargers your Melee ability.
4. Movement Mode
High JumpWhile airborne, jump a second time to reach greater heights.
Strafe JumpWhile airborne, jump a second time with strong directional control.
Triple JumpWhile airborne, sustain your air control with a second or third jump.
5. Passive – Way of the Outlaw
Explosive KnifeThrow a knife from a distance that explodes shortly after impact with this Melee Ability
Chains of WoePrecision kills increase weapon reload speed for your and nearby allies.
DeadshotSignificantly improves your ability to hit with Golden Gun.
Six-ShooterGolden Gun can be fired quickly up to 6 times, but has a shorter duration.
6. Way of the Sharpshooter – Upgrade Points needed
I – Knife-JugglerThrow a knife from a distance. Precision knife kills with this Melee Ability immediately recharge it.
II – Practice Makes PerfectEnter a trance with each precision hit, reducing the cooldown of your Super.
III – Crowd-PleaserEnables precision damage with Golden Gun. Precision hits with Golden Gun generate Orbs of Light.
IV – Line ‘Em UpPrecision hits with Golden Gun increases its damage and extend its duration.

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