Destiny 2 Hackberry Tart & Chocolate Ship Cookies Recipes

Hackberry Tart and Chocolate Ship Cookies are treats in Destiny 2. They’re part of the Dawning event, and you can gift the former to Benedict 99-40, while the latter can be given to Amanda Holliday. You’ll need to bake and deliver both as part of the Alpine Dash restoration quest. The problem is, the game doesn’t tell you which ingredients to mix, and you’d need a literal boatload of them and a few dozen hours to discover the recipes yourself. That’s why we’ve written this guide, to show you Destiny 2 Hackberry Tart & Chocolate Ship Cookies recipes.

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destiny 2 chocolate ship cookies hackberry tart recipes
Destiny 2 Hackberry Tart & Chocolate Ship Cookies Recipes

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Chocolate Ship Cookies recipe

To bake a batch of Chocolate Ship Cookies, you’ll need some Cabal Oil, a pinch of Null Taste and a handful of Essence of Dawning. You can get Cabal Oil simply by killing Cabal warriors. Null Taste is acquired by scoring void kills, so you can easily get both in a single outing. Essence of Dawning is a reward for various activities, ranging from heroic public events to Sundial.

Once you’ve prepared the delicacy, you’ll need to bring it to Amanda Holliday, the shipwright in the Hangar.

Hackberry Tart recipe

The Hackberry Tart recipe is a new one. In order to bring it to life, you’ll need some Cabal Oil, Multifaceted Flavors and the ever-present Essence of Dawning. As we’ve mentioned, Cabal Oil comes from Cabal – all shapes and sizes work. Multifaceted Flavors are obtained by performing multikills, which means you should look for densely populated areas when farming this ingredient. The best way to get Essence of Dawning seems to be Sundial, which makes sense, since it’s the hot new activity.

When you’re done baking the tart, bring it to Benedict 99-40, Calus’ spybot that resides in the Tower. If you’ve completed the 3rd objective, which is to bake a total of 300 gifts, you’ll complete the quest and get the final version of Alpine Dash, the new exotic sparrow.

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