Destiny 2 Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow - Spreading Cheer

Alpine Dash is a new exotic sparrow in Destiny 2. It’s a holiday-themed vehicle you can get during the Dawning event in 2019. In order to get it, you’ll have to grind your little stockings off, and you’ll need to deliver some gifts. This guide is going to show you how to get Alpine Dash exotic sparrow in Destiny 2, by baking hundreds of treats and giving them to characters around the game.

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destiny 2 alpine dash exotic sparrow
Destiny 2 Alpine Dash Exotic Sparrow – Fractal Rolls & Dark Chocolate Motes

Spreading Cheer event quest

The quest is pretty clear – you have to bake a bunch of cookies. It has several steps, and by the time it’s over, you will have to have baked 300 gifts. Yeah. Thankfully, the ones from last year count towards the total, so you could be halfway there, without even knowing it.

Apart from the staggering 300 cookies, you’ll have to bake some specific ones and bring them to people who’d enjoy them. They’re a mix of old and new recipes, made from both old and new ingredients, which means last year’s cookbooks are still relatively useful. Here’s the full list of gifts and their recipients:

  • Dark Chocolate Motes (The Drifter) – Taken Butter and Null Taste, Essence of Dawning
  • Fractal Rolls (Brother Vance) – Vex Milk and Pinch of Light, Essence of Dawning
  • Lavender Ribbon Cookies (Saint-14) – Vex Milk and Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning
  • Candy Dead Ghosts (Spider) – Dark Ether Cane and Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning
  • Fried Sha-dough (Calus) – Dark Ether Cane, Superb Texture, Essence of Dawning
  • Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Eris Morn) – Chitin Powder and Finishing Touch, Essence of Dawning
  • Chocolate Ship Cookies (Amanda Holliday) – Cabal Oil and Null Taste, Essence of Dawning
  • Hackberry Tart (Benedict 99-40) – Cabal Oil and Multifaceted Flavors, Essence of Dawning

We still have no idea how most of those are made, but we’ll keep looking. We’re going to update this guide as soon as we have more info. There’s a lot of combinations to try out, so if you know of a recipe we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments. After all, sharing is part of the spirit of the Season of Dawning.

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