Destiny 2 Vanilla Blades, Eliksni Birdseed, Chocolate Ship Cookies - Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint

Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint is a new crafting recipe in Destiny 2. It allows new players to obtain Dawning Cheer, the exotic sparrow from last year’s event. In order to complete it, you’ll need to bake three distinct treats – Vanilla Blades, Eliksni Birdseed and Chocolate Ship Cookies. Since there are so many ingredients and combinations of them, you might feel overwhelmed. This guide is going to help by showing you Destiny 2 Vanilla Blades, Eliksni Birdseed, Chocolate Ship Cookies recipes.

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destiny 2 deliciously cheerful blueprint vanilla blades eliksni birdseed chocolate ship cookies
Destiny 2 Vanilla Blades, Eliksni Birdseed, Chocolate Ship Cookies – Deliciously Cheerful Blueprint

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Vanilla Blades recipe

For Vanilla Blades, you’ll need to mix Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor and Essence of Dawning.

Cabal Oil can be obtained by defeating Cabal. You’ll get Sharp Flavor as a reward for sword kills. Essence of Dawning is awarded after many activities, including Sundial, public events and many more. Once you have the gift, bring it to Lord Shaxx, the crucile vendor at the Tower.

Eliksni Birdseed recipe

In order to bake Eliksni Birdseed, you’ll need some Ether Cane, Personal Touch and Essence of Dawning.

You can get Ether Cane by defeating Fallen. Personal Touch drops when performing melee kills. Essence of Dawning is a reward for a variety of activities, like heroic public events, crucible matches, patrols and more. When you bake the treat, bring it to Suraya Hawthorne, the clan vendor at the Tower.

Chocolate Ship Cookies recipe

Chocolate Ship Cookies are made from Cabal Oil, Null Taste and Essence of Dawning.

The oil drops when killing Cabal, without prejudice. Null Taste can drop when you perform void kills. Essence of Dawning is a relatively common reward, and you’ll get it from most activities that involve other people – patrol, PvP, public events, etc. This final gift is meant to go to Amanda Holliday, the shipwright in the Tower’s Hangar area.

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