Destiny 2 How to Get Pokemon Ball Ghost Shell

Ghosts are a kind of item in Destiny 2. They’re used as an extension of the guardian, letting players scan their surroundings, interact with digital interfaces and such. They also act as the player’s voice during conversations. People get attached to them. There are a lot of models in the game, which don’t have wildly different stats, but they do look different. You can also customize them further using shaders. You can even make your ghost look like a pokeball. This guide is going to show you how to get pokemon ball ghost shell in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 pokemon ball ghost shell
Destiny 2 How to Get Pokemon Ball Ghost Shell

Pokeball Ghost Shell

First of all, you need an appropriate ghost shell. The ones that work best are without ornaments, painted in two colors with a clear horizontal divide between them. For example:

  • Half-submerged Shell
  • Lotus Shell

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Next up, you need the right shader. Anything with a combination of black, white and red will work just fine. Some of the shaders that work well are:

  • Suros Modular
  • Suros Modular Shine
  • Noble Constant Red

Apply the shader to the shell, and you’ve got your own annoying little pokeball floating near you, following you around. It won’t help you catch them all, though. Make sure you use the preview function before you commit to a shader – they’re one-time use, and things might not turn out the way you hoped. For instance, the Kill-Tracker Ghost fits the criteria, but for some reason it turns out all wrong. Don’t be fooled into spending a shader for nothing.

If you figure out any more shells that can turned into a pokemon ball, or a other shaders that work well with this setup, feel free to share your findings in the comments. We’ll update the guide with more options as we discover them.

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