Destiny 2 How to Get Third Subclass Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, Stormcaller

Destiny 2 Third subclasses, Sunbreaker, Nightstalker and Stormcaller, require looking for special relics and reaching a certain character level. They will help you unlock the Taken King subclasses. First, you’ll have to get the second subclass – Striker, Gunslinger, or Voidwalker. Obtaining the relics (Melted Hammer, Fractured Arrow, Cracked Talisman) can be hard, but we’re here to help. Find out how to unlock Stormcaller, Nightstalker, Sunbreaker in Destiny 2 below.

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Destiny 2 How to Get Third Subclass Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, Stormcaller
Destiny 2 How to Get Third Subclass Sunbreaker, Nightstalker, Stormcaller

Sunbreaker Titan Third Subclass – How to Find Relic?

To unlock the Titan Sunbreaker subclass in Destiny 2, you’ll need the Melted Hammer relic. Just like with the previous relic, though, you have to meet a certain level requirement. In order to obtain the third Titan subclass, your character needs to be at least level 15. Afterwards, the hunt for the Melted Hammer relic begins.

It’s the same spiel as with the previous one – search every chest you come across, whether it be in Patrol Zones, Public Events, Lost Sectors, whatever is the most comfortable for you. At some point, a chest will reward you with the relic. From there, you’ll need to charge it again. You can do so by finishing Public Events. Killing opponents in PVE and PVP also works quite well. It will take longer than the last time, though.

After the Melted Hammer Relic is charged, head over to the EDZ and the Shard of the Traveler. There’ll be more to overcome this time around, but it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Approach the Shard to unlock the Destiny 2 Sunbreaker subclass. Kill the enemies using the pools of Light to charge up.

How to get Nightstalker Hunter Subclass in Destiny 2?

You have to find another relic to unlock the Nightstalker subclass. It’s called the Fractured Arrow relic, and it will require digging through chests. To even have the chance of finding it, you gotta get your character up to level 15. Then, you can start rummaging through chests for the relic.

If you’ve found the Melted Hand Cannon, you know how this goes. Keep completing Public Events and turn every nook and cranny for chests. Eventually, the game will grant you the Fractured Arrow relic. Once you get your hands on it, it’s time to charge it. Kill whatever moves in PVP and / or PVE and complete Public events until the game prompts you to go to the EDZ and pay the Shard of the Traveler a visit.

Fighting your way towards the Shard will be longer and tougher now, but you should be more than capable to defeat whatever the game throws at you. Commune with the Shard and get ready for more company. Don’t forget to charge your super in the pools of Light, and use your new powers to kill whatever comes your way.

Destiny 2 Stormcaller Warlock Subclass – How to Unlock it?

You’re gonna have to find the Cracked Talisman relic in order to unlock the third Warlock subclass – Stormcaller. The relic will once again drop from a random chest. This can be a loot chest for completing a Public vent or killing a high-value target, or a chest you find exploring the open world or Lost Sectors, etc. It won’t happen until you reach level 15 with your character, though.

The Cracked Talisman relic requires charging, same as the previous one. And the methods are the same – participate in Public Events, kill enemies in PVP / PVE, and it will eventually charge all the way. Next stop – the Shard of the Traveler in EDZ. The road to the Shard will be harder than before, so be prepared. Touch the Shard and get ready to defend it. Use the pools of Light to Super Charge, and it shouldn’t be too difficult.

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