Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Titan

There are six region chests on Titan, the second planet in Destiny 2. Some of them are hard to find, thanks to the area’s verticality – they may be marked on the map, but you can know on which level they are. You can only open each one of these Titan golden chests once, and they hold some fancy loot. If you’re having trouble getting to them, you’ll be happy to know we’ve prepared a map and a screenshot guide to help you find Destiny 2 Titan region chest locations.

destiny 2 titan region chest locations
Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations on Titan

First Titan Golden Chest

The first chest is on Siren’s Watch. Exit onto the landing platform near Sloan, turn right and jump over the railing. You’ll see a doorway under the giant yellow pipe – go through it. The chest will be on the other side of the room, in the dark.

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Second Regional Chest on Titan

Exit the room where you found the first chest and turn right. Go into the Hive lair (you can just run past the enemies) and hug the right wall. Go into the small room with the consoles along the walls, then left into the maintenance closet. Turn around and you’ll see the chest near the door.

Titan Region Chest #3

From the previous chest, exit to the left. Jump across the gap and go under the building, through the pillars. When you reach the end of the platform, turn right. Go through the door and you’ll find the chest in the middle of the room, behind a hardware rack.

Golden Chest #4 on Titan

The fourth chest is on the rig – you can get there by following the giant bridge. As soon as you’re off the bridge, turn left and jump onto the platform with the containers. There’s a stack of containers on the far side of the platform. If you jump on them, you’ll find your golden chest.

Region Chest #5 on Titan

From the last chest, head towards Bay 3. Go down the stairs on the left, and head below the bridge. Climb the railing and jump down – you’ll land on a walkway that goes around the building. Turn around, and you’ll find the chest behind some crates.

Sixth Titan Regional Chest

When you get the fifth chest, turn around and follow the walkway. You’ll end up on a Hive-infested platform – go up the stairs leading to the right. Go through the passage next to the orange building and turn left at the end. You’ll see a bunch of cargo and some vent ducts in the distance. Climb on top of them to find the final region chest on Titan.

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