Destiny 2 How to Unlock Lighthouse Regional Chest in Curse of Osiris

The Lighthouse Regional Chest in the Curse of Osiris Destiny 2 DLC can’t be accessed immediately. You’ll have to solve a puzzle inside the Lighthouse itself. There’s several books that you’ll have to find, and follow a few other steps in order to unlock the Regional Chest in the Lighthouse. So, let’s just see how to get that Curse of Osiris Lighthouse Regional Chest, step by step.

Destiny 2 How to Unlock Lighthouse Regional Chest in Curse of Osiris

How to Get Regional Chest in Mercury Lighthouse in Curse of Osiris DLC?

To get to the Lighthouse Regional Chest, you’ll have to examine several books. If you go to the chest’s location (it’s under the small walkway that you use to get from the entrance to Brother Vance, on the left side), you’ll notice that it’s barred. However, you’ll also spot a symbol right above it. All the books that you have to examine bear this symbol, and it glows yellow.

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The first book is on top of the shelves on the left side of Brother Vance’s “study”. Approach him from the entrance to the Lighthouse, look left, and you’ll recognize the book by its yellow glow. From there, jump onto the shelves on the opposite side of Brother Vance’s area. Look towards the bookshelves on the left until you spot the tiny yellow glow on the bottom. Head over and examine the book. To find the third book, go back to the entrance, turn around, and walk down the steps on your left. The book is on a pile next to the first brazier you come across.

To find the fourth book, head to the right from the entrance. Keep your eyes to the left, on the long table with chairs. Follow the table almost to the end, and you’ll spot the yellow-glowing symbol. The fifth book is to the right of the huge Forge mural that shows you which weapons you got. It’s on a shelf high up. Luckily, you can fly onto the cabinet in order to reach it. It’ll be below one of the open drawers. This will activate the decryption conflux near the second book. Head to the white-glowing pillar and hold Square to decrypt the firewall. All that’s left to do is to go back to the chest and open it. For more info on Mercury Regional Chests, check out our Destiny 2 Mercury Regional Chests in Curse of Osiris article.

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