Destiny 2 Mercury Lost Sector Locations Curse of Osiris

Mercury Lost Sectors in the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris DLC play out as usual. At the end of it, you’ll face of a mini-boss and loot the chest. The number of Lost Sectors on Mercury is pretty low. In fact, there seems to be only one. Regardless, you want that loot. So, let’s see about that Mercury Lost Sector location in Curse of Osiris.

Destiny 2 Mercury Lost Sector Locations Curse of Osiris
Destiny 2 Mercury Lost Sector Locations Curse of Osiris

Where to find Lost Sectors on Mercury in Curse of Osiris?

The Mercury Lost Sector is in the southeast corner of the map. It’s called Pariah’s Refuge. To get to it, head around the edge of the map and make your way south. Make sure not to fall off, be careful. Keep going with an eye out for the Lost Sector mark on one of the rocks. Go a little further from the mark, and you’ll quickly notice the entrance to the Pariah’s Refuge Mercury Lost Sector.

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The Lost Sector itself is pretty straight-forward. There’s a total of three rooms, crawling with Vex. There’s Harpies, Goblins, and Hobgoblins galore. The goal, as always, is to shoot up whatever’s in your way and get to the chest and that sweet, sweet loot. Luckily, you can pretty much run through the first two rooms. The third room is where it can get a bit tough. The chest is there, along with a bunch of enemies and the Lost Sector boss, Subterranean Mind. Clear the room, loot the chest, and get out of there. Among other things, when you complete the Lost Sector on Mercury, you’ll get the Mercury Treasure Seeker emblem.

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