Destiny 2 Infusion & Legendary Mods - How to Infuse Gear

Infusion is a gear upgrade system in Destiny 2. It’s slightly different from the one in the previous games, just enough to confuse a number returning players. The addition of legendary mods complicates things further. It’s really useful, though, so it’s important to get to know it before you hit the final stages of the power level grind. We’ve written this guide to help you get to know the Destiny 2 infusion & legendary mods.

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Destiny 2 Infusion & Legendary Mods – How to Infuse Gear

How to infuse gear in Destiny 2?

In order to enhance an item using infusion, it has to be either legendary (purple) or exotic (yellow). The system works by destroying another weapon and transferring its power onto the one you want to improve. There are several limitations, though:

  • The item you’re improving has to be at a lower power level than the item you’re infusing it with.
  • If it’s armor, both have to be for the same class. You can’t infuse Titan armor with Warlock gear.
  • If it’s a weapon, both have to be of the same type. Hand cannons can only be infused with other hand cannons.

Those are the basics. When you infuse a weapon, it’s power level will instantly jump to the power level of the weapon you’ve used. But we’ve mentioned mods affect this, and you’re probably wondering how.

Infusing items with legendary mods

The situation with legendary mods is somewhat strange. A mod can affect the process if it’s applied to the host weapon, but not the one that’s being used up. Here’s how it works:

  • If you’re infusing the unmodded host with a modded item, only the base power level of the modded item will count.
  • If the host item is modded, the result will be the other item’s power level plus five.

Ideally, you’ll want to mod each item you want to improve, to get the most out of the process. However, this isn’t a realistic tactic – you can’t upgrade regular mods to legendary before you hit 280, and the drop rate for the latter is abysmally low.

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