Destiny 2 Power Level 300 - How to level up fast

Getting to power level 300 in Destiny 2 requires a lot of work. Some players take it easy and explore the game at their own pace, while others just want to max out their Guardians as soon as possible. If you want to reach power level 300 in Destiny 2 fast, you’ll have to do specific things in a specific order. This guide will help you do exactly that, by showing you which activities to focus on at which point, what to avoid before the end-game, and how to wisely spend your funds and time.

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destiny 2 fast power level 300 guide
Destiny 2 Fast Power level 300 guide

Destiny 2 Power Level Tips

Before we get into the thick of it, here are some things to do (and some things to avoid) regardless of your power level:

  • Save your weapon mods for later. Use them to get past the 265 plateau, instead of giving yourself a little boost along the way.
  • Dismantle everything you don’t want. If it’s a legendary or exotic piece, you’ll get legendary shards – currency used for buying stuff from Xur and infusing. If it’s a blue or green, you’ll get gunsmith materials, which can be used to get legendary engrams from Banshee 44.
  • Decrypt engrams as soon as you get them. They drop with set levels – if you wait, there’s a chance you won’t get much use from the stuff inside.
  • Do not infuse before power level 265. It’s a waste of precious shards, which you can instead use to buy stuff from Xur or upgrade weapons once leveling up becomes much harder.
  • Visit nearby golden chests for free tokens.

How to reach power level 230

After you finish the story campaign, you’ll probably end up around power level 200. Your first goal is to get up to 230. You can start off by doing heroic public events in the EDZ. You should also focus your attention on Lost Sectors – they won’t give you anything jaw-dropping, but the gear you get will be on a higher power level than yours, and you’ll get EDZ tokens. You can then give those tokens to Devrim Kay in exchange for legendary engrams. Once you’re around 230 power, the drops will start being meaningless.

How to get to power level 240

After you’ve exhausted the European Dead Zone, repeat the same process on Nessus. Take part in public events, and if there isn’t enough people around for those (and you don’t want to solo), go do Lost Sectors. Give the Nessus Tokens you earn to Failsafe, and you’ll get engrams in return.

How to reach power level 265

Once you’ve reached 240, it’s time to start doing strikes. At this point, it’s really useful to have a team. Doing public events with random players is often easy enough, but a coordinated crew will fare better in strikes. They reward you with Vanguard Tactician Tokens, which you can take to Zavala and trade them for engrams. Keep in mind that each strike will start giving you less and less tokens after the third time you beat it.

How to get past the power level 265 plateau and max out your Guardian

When you get to 265, you’ll hit a bit of a plateau – blue items won’t do you no good anymore. Use weapon and armor mods to nudge your gear over to 270. You can now start doing world quests. If you haven’t done them by accident already, you should take care of the exotic quests as well (like the Mida Multi-Tool, Sturm and Rat King). Finally, go back to public events, but use Fireteam Medallions to increase your chances of getting exotic engrams. You can buy them from Tess Everis using Bright Dust.

You’ll want to start infusing after you hit power level 271. Go back to using faction vendors. They’ll give you stuff that’s a bit weaker than what you have (up to -5). Put legendary mods into the stuff you get from them, then equip it and infuse it what what you were using until then. Once you get to 280, you can start crafting legendary mods, using three identical blue ones to create a purple. If you need more info about infusion, check out our Destiny 2 Infusion & Legendary Mods guide.

This is also when you should start doing milestones that give powerful gear, like Flashpoints, Nightfalls, Crucible and Clan tasks. These milestones are weekly, so you can get the rewards only once per week. When you finish them, you’ll be rewarded with Luminous Planetary Engrams, which have stuff that’s up to 10-15 power levels above what you have. Keep in mind their level gets set once you pick them up, so you can finish the activity and let the engram sit at the vendor, not picking it up until you want to boost your level.

How to use second character to boost your main

If you want to boost your main character even more, you can do so using a second character (alt). It’ll take time, but you’ll get double the amount of rewards from weekly milestones. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create a second character. Make sure it’s the same class as your main – this way they’ll get to share not just weapons, but armor too.
  2. Finish the story campaign and get to level 20 with the second character.
  3. Transfer all your good stuff from the main to the alt. Now the alt is the same power level as the main.
  4. Complete the nigthfall, flashpoint and any other weekly milestones that reward you with powerful gear.
  5. Transfer the stuff back to the main, along with the rewards you earned with the alt.
  6. Repeat the process once a week, after the reset.

We’ve heard some rumors that indicate that if you create a second character of the same class, the exotic weapons from quests will drop at a lower level than they should. These rumors indicate that the exotic quest weapons are locked at or around the level your first character of a class got them. If this is true, you could get around it by making your second character a different class. This would stop you from using your end-game armor on the alt, forcing you to grind some more. Even if the rumors are true, we still recommend taking the same class for your second (and third character), since it’s all about getting the most luminous engrams – the exotics from quests are just a nice bonus.

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