Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations in EDZ

Destiny 2 Region Chest locations in EDZ are strewn all across the map. Since the European Dead Zone is pretty large, there are plenty of secret chests to obtain. Some are more difficult to find than others, of course, and they can be pretty well-hidden. All of them contain that sweet, sweet loot that we know you all want. You can open them only once, though, but they’re absolutely worth finding. To help you find them, we’ve made a map of Destiny 2 EDZ Golden Chests locations, screenshots included.

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Destiny 2 Region Chest Locations in EDZ
Destiny 2 Regional Chest Locations in EDZ

Trostland Golden Chest Locations

  1. The first Region Chest you’ll run into is part of the story. After you talk to Devrim Kay, you’ll know exactly where to find it. Just follow where the game leads you until you find it.
  2. This Region Chest is located in a run-down house with a collapsed wall. There’s rubble leading you upwards. Go inside and jump up through the hole in the ceiling, and there’s the chest.
  3. As you exit the previously mentioned building, you’ll notice a rusted bus half-buried in the ground. Go behind the building it’s next to and look for the Golden Chest.

Region Chests in EDZ Outskirts

  1. Go to the mansion-like building that has three destroyed statues surrounding a body of water in front. Facing the mansion, head to the right and into a smaller building. Fight your way through and the chest will be in the last room, behind a bunch of wooden furniture.
  2. Once again, face the mansion, but this time, head left and around. You’ll see a bunch of platforms made of wooden planks and bare girders. The chest is at the top platform in the corner.
  3. The final chest in the Outskirts is not far from the previous one. You’ll notice a river flowing away from where you picked up the chest described above. Jump in and make your way to the bridge with two flags on it. Jump under it and look for a small cave. That’s where the chest is hiding.

Golden Chest Locations in The Sludge

  1. The first chest is hidden away in a cave. Said cave can be found behind a small waterfall, beyond a fallen tree. Face the river, look right, and you’ll find the waterfall. It’s pretty dark inside, but you shouldn’t have trouble spotting the chest.
  2. To find the second chest, head out of the waterfall and up an overgrown slope of fallen concrete (face the river and turn left). Go through the square-shaped entrance, and you’ll end up in a large space. Prepare for platforming, because the chest is on the highest platform in the far right corner.
  3. Exit the previously mentioned large room, and drop down left from the square entrance. Cross the train tracks and head left. Follow the path as it takes you to the right. Keep looking to your left, and you’ll find a large white-and-blue crate. There’s part of the wall missing behind it, just enough for you to fit through. Go inside and find the chest in an alcove on the right.

EDZ The Gulch Secret Destiny 2 Chests

  1. Follow the small path southeast from the landing zone. On the left, you’ll see the “Salzwerk” road sign. Head right and keep hugging the cliff wall on the right; fly if necessary. Eventually, you’ll run into a small cave, and the region chest is inside.
  2. From the cave mentioned in the entry above, fly over to the other side and head straight. Keep your eye on the right until you spot another cave. Head inside and open the chest.
  3. This one is hidden a little better. From the previous chest, head right and keep going until you reach the other bank of the river. Go around the enemies and up into the hill. There’s a narrow path there for you to follow until you find yet another cave with the golden chest inside.

Winding Cove Locations of Destiny 2 Region Chests

  1. Head northeast from the landing zone, across the fallen tree trunk, Once you cross the tree trunk, head left towards the map marker. Fly up to the top of the small, grassy rock formation, and you’ll see the chest in the open.
  2. Go towards the map marker and you’ll come across a small bridge. Jump down into the dry river bed and look around. The region chest is sitting in the open; it pretty easy to find.
  3. Once again, keep following the map marker. Prepare for some more flying and platforming. Look up, and you’ll see a crashed ship. Among the remains, again in the open, you’ll find the region chest.

NOTE: This guide is a work in progress. We’ll continue adding more Destiny 2 Region Golden Chests as we discover them in the game.

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