Destiny 2 Inverted Spire - First Look at the New Strike

Inverted Spire is the first strike from Destiny 2 we got to see. This strike takes place on Nessus, where the Cabal awoke something deep beneath the planet’s surface. In it, you’ll be faced with the Red Legion, the Cabal’s elite forces. This is just one of many Destiny 2 group activities. We’ve taken a look at the footage – read on to see all the relevant info.

Inverted Spire Strike in Destiny 2

The strike takes place on Nessus. It will take the group around twenty minutes to complete it. This is the general idea behind the new strikes – they shouldn’t take too much time to complete.

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Some of the new enemies are present in this strike. War Beasts are dogs with vicious masks on them and a dedication to chasing you across the battlefield. Incendiors are a flamethrower class with big jetpacks that will burn you up fast. Just like any flamethrower class, if you manage to hit their fuel tanks, they will explode, doing AoE damage. Gladiators are a melee class with two blades, attacking at short range. They seem like priority targets, or ones to stay away from, at least. They have a lot of health and are not easy to put on hold while deciding who to attack first.

Inverted Spire Objectives

There are fifteen objectives in the Inverted Spire strike, across three main checkpoints. The strike story is a part of the Nessus narrative, where we find out about the Cabal’s motives. This is just part of the greater focus of Destiny 2 on the missions.

  • Investigate the Cabal – Found shortly after the strike entrance.
  • Defeat All Hostiles – Great place to fill the power bar, not many enemies.
  • Access Conflux – Time to gain access to the next part by creating platforms.
  • Press Forward – The memorable strike landscape-jumping sequence.
  • Traverse Deeper – The darkness zone where respawning is restricted.
  • Eliminate the Vex – A lot of enemies are found here. This is a great chance to spend your super ability and test out the new Destiny 2 subclasses.
  • Cross the Digsite – Time to go outside once again. The jumping sequence is quite hard due to the beautiful landscape.
  • Approach the Drilling Site – The impact of conflict is rather visible here. The fires and craters make it easily distinguishable from the rest of the strike.
  • Eliminate Drill Site Security – Third larger group, time to use the supers once more. The yellow tanks make it easier.
  • Board the Cabal Drill – Quite a unique way to reach the distant platforms, you’ll like it.
  • Reorient the Transit System – Time to get ready for the next large group.
  • Repel All Attackers – A wave of enemies that ends with the Bloodguard Legionary. Small platforms and constant pressure from the incoming enemies make it a rather challenging part.
  • Get Clear of the Drill – Probably the most fun part of the strike. It’s fun trying to avoid the giant drill parts while battling the Cabal.
  • Investigate the Digsite – This is the last part before the final boss.
  • Defeat the Modular Mind – Final boss, once defeated the strike ends. The longest single strike sequence.

Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Strike First Look
Destiny 2 Inverted Spire Strike

Protheon Modular Mind – Inverted Spire Strike Final Boss

If you’ve been paying attention you could’ve seen the boss’ contours on the consoles before here. As you shoot Modular Mind it will disappear and move, while spawning a new wave of enemies. The general idea is to never stand close to him, as he will push you back. Focus damage on it all the time, while not letting smaller enemies overrun you.

The unique abilities allow him to change the surroundings. As time passes, the platform will collapse and you’ll end up on a new one below. It will happen twice before you reach the final one. The enemies that are left on the platform as it collapses will die, so you won’t have to deal with them.

In the end, the strike felt like a strike should feel – short with lots of shooting and a decent challenge from the end boss. The drill part looked fun, as a simple fall could’ve resulted in death, making it more challenging to overcome. Dying to anything beside enemy bullets is always entertaining.

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